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CrossXFir3 t1_jdd7ah2 wrote

Oh yeah, I get it. I can actually fairly reasonably speed read, but honestly I enjoy reading slower and mentally listening to the book ya know? It used to bother me, but honestly, why? I find when I read like that I absorb the details so much better than seemingly a lot of people. I'll talk about a book with someone and it's often clear that I took in the little details and maybe even saw more foreshadowing and setup than some people that read much faster.


1__ajm OP t1_jdd8juy wrote

Yeah, I get that and you're right, I do like the details and imagery I get in my head.


diller9132 t1_jddusjt wrote

I especially enjoy when I'm reading and narrate a scene "incorrectly" or not in line with my characterizations. Then I go back and read the same lines a different way until it fits in the "mind movie" better.


Bridalhat t1_jdekmzk wrote

I read fast enough for my own taste (I’ve never tested it—the big hurdle is finding time to read but I don’t think I’m much above or below average) and I like that I have an internal narrator! I’ve spent a lot of time reading poetry in French, Latin, and Greek and think that good writing should be “heard,” if that makes sense. I write casually and will delete if something would be difficult or awkward to say out loud, and I have to assume at least some of the people I am reading do the same. Good prose requires a good ear.