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Autarch_Kade t1_je06t70 wrote

The Stars are Legion wasn't a horror book. But oh man, was there a lot of body horror in there. Deeply uncomfortable descriptions, ways people use or share their bodies, locations in the ships they lived on... really stuck with me for years. I really enjoyed that book.

I feel like a generation ship could be a good horror setting. Can't escape, mandatory breeding, could introduce mutations that amplify over the generations, etc. That's what I'd want to read if there was a good on out there.


deevulture t1_je3c0rg wrote

It's sort of understated horror in a way. The horror comes from the normalization of said use of the body more than intending to scare you. The scene where Das Muni gives Zan >!her afterbirth to drink !<evoked a reaction in me that actual violence depicted in other books does not. I'm reading Mirror Empire right now and while it's no where the level of the Stars are Legion this seems to be a thing that Hurley tends to go for.