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omicron7e t1_jdv2yo1 wrote

Robin Hobb's Realm of the Elderlings series. Great books. Bad covers and titles.


BlacktailJack t1_jdwpg9t wrote

The original, heavily illustrated covers are perhaps the most generally attractive of the various editions (YMMV of course), in that they have fun color use and that old school 80's-90's paperback illustration vibe, but god they're so wildly inaccurate.

That blond white boy on the cover of all three books of the Fitz trilogy sure the hell isn't Fitz, who is described along with most of his family (>!excepting his mother!<) as having some shade of brown skin and dark hair. Nor is it the Fool, whom at that point has skin and hair that are literally white, and would be a thematically weird character to include on the cover with Nighteyes or Chade anyway (the latter is looking awfully pale himself, while we're at it.)


Reshutenit t1_jdwbfw8 wrote

I waited years to read them because the cover and title of the first one made me think it was generic YA. I've never been more wrong.


bros402 t1_jdwe7em wrote

yeah, I read them all in 2020 and holy crap were those books and titles bad


Ayjayyyx t1_jdz6926 wrote

Huh? The UK covers are absolutely gorgeous.


omicron7e t1_jdzun9e wrote

I would post some links, but Goodreads did a redesign that I can't figure out.