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Mokamochamucca t1_jdvhusf wrote

I love to collect vintage/antique books and my favorite terrible cover that I own is for a copy of The Road Through The Wall by Shirley Jackson. It's about an upper middle class neighborhood where people are upset that a wall separating them from lower class homes will be torn down. There's also a mystery about a missing child. The cover shows a couple embracing with a tantalizing tag line "A married woman prowls the back streets!" It has almost nothing to do with the actual book and I fear anyone who picked it up based on the cover will believe it's some sort of romance when it definitely isn't.


glister_and_gold OP t1_jdviwbt wrote

I just looked it up and if you told me the publisher accidentally sent the designer the wrong summary, I would believe you. That’s hilarious. It absolutely looks like a trashy novel about a cheating wife.