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[deleted] t1_jdwbmy9 wrote

My brilliant friend series. Some of the best books I’ve ever read… and I recommend them with such sincerity when I talk to someone about books. But if they see the terrible cover, bam! I know they’re thinking something sappy/cheesy, like a bad romance novel. These books deserve better.


glister_and_gold OP t1_jdwjp8u wrote

The default cover design for uncreative designers seems to be “cheesy romance novels”, based on the comments I’m seeing here. The actual genre does not appear to matter to them.


sukikov t1_jdz5p66 wrote

I used to hate them too but they’ve kind of grown on me. It’s like a little secret that the misleading cover contains within it. What do you think of the newer covers? I think they’re nice, trendy and eye catching. I love the little girl on the cover of MBF bc she actually looks like my childhood best friend.


[deleted] t1_jdz6yl6 wrote

Yes, so much better but I thought those covers are only for the Australian editions, I could be wrong. I like the cover based on the HBO series too… and I think the girls who played Lila and Elena on the show are great. It’s how I would have imagined them. I do recommend the show.


sukikov t1_jdz7hlx wrote

Oh! I thought they were everywhere, I’m in Europe and that’s what’s on the shelves. I haven’t seen the HBO tie in editions in the shops where I am though I think they are quite nice. I love the show!! Elena and Lila’s casting is beautiful you even forgive them for looking way too young in season 3 bc they are that good. Eagerly awaiting the next season!!


[deleted] t1_je1uecw wrote

I agree! I have so much to say about these books lol but hardly anyone to discuss it with :( And me too, the 4th book is probably my fav so I can’t wait to see it on screen.