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BadAssPrincessAlanie t1_iu8p2mb wrote

It depends on its purpose to me. Books I want for show and author autographs, hard cover. Books I read everyday, paperback.


ApocalypticPages t1_iu8pcrk wrote

I prefer hardcover for display and floppy paperback for reading. I buy the cheapest possible book but I will try and get hardcover when possible.


Oatkeeperz t1_iu8pnl7 wrote

Generally paperback pockets, because I can fit more of them in my bookshelf, but I prefer hard covers for some more 'special' books, like most of my Iliad and Odyssey collection consists of hardcovers.


DarkFluids777 t1_iu8q2xe wrote

If I could effort it, I'd only and exclusive buy hardcover, but as it is, I'm buying normal paperback versions, and if I really love a book, then I might buy the hardcover as well.


monsterosaleviosa t1_iu8r8kb wrote

Hardcovers aren’t very practical to me. Paperbacks barely are, honestly. But I only buy books to read and move on, not to display.


3pbc t1_iu8rc59 wrote

100% agree. I can read in the dark without waking up my spouse, make the letters bigger as I get older, switch books with a couple of clicks, don't need to take up valuable space in my house just in case I want to read it again, have 1000+ of them in my pocket to pull out whenever I want, the list goes on.


Melodic_Record9737 t1_iu8rj9j wrote

I tend to re-read what I buy and carry the book around in my bag. So my books inevitably get a little beat up. For me, I’d rather have a well loved paperback than a disintegrated hardcover.


ICTSooner t1_iu8sf0m wrote

Different purposes really. I buy paperbacks for things I want to read while on the go. However, once I find a book that I want in my life forever, I buy it in hardcover and it goes on my shelf. Paperbacks eventually go away. Hardcovers don't.


SuperbSpider t1_iu8tejb wrote

Paperbacks are my preferred option. They're easier to handle and carry around, no annoying dust jacket, and they last through quite a few reads/rereads before they start to fall apart


ehuang72 t1_iu8tl3c wrote

Whatever the bookstore has. I see the appeal of having a uniform set if it's a series but I like the mixed look of physical books on my shelves.


DoctorWaluigiTime t1_iu8u93r wrote

I've grown to prefer paperback in general. More flexibility and easier to hold, especially when out and about.


Ser_Erdrick t1_iu8ubnm wrote

Paperbacks. I can afford to buy more paperbacks than I can hardcovers. I don't even care that I have to wait for the paperback version.


Mds_02 t1_iu8udm9 wrote

This is me. Or rather used to be. Now it’s mostly ebooks from Libby but, if I think I’ll reread it at some point, then I know I like it enough to splurge on a physical copy (hardcover if available).


Smokemonster421 t1_iu8uqi7 wrote

I prefer paperback for reading but I'll buy anything if it's cheap and on my want to read list. Usually I'll avoid movie or TV adaptation covers and I like to buy fancy or classic hardcovers of my favorites.


books-ModTeam t1_iu8uzvi wrote

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mazikeen70 t1_iu8v4t3 wrote

Hardbacks are so much nicer on a shelf


NewBundleOfWar t1_iu8v6fz wrote

Buy hardbacks and then donate them to your local library. The hardbacks obviously last longer.

You didn't ask, but I do not like the deckle edge. The pages are harder to flip through and I just want to read lol


Dapaaads t1_iu8xfv6 wrote

For my kids, hardback. for myself, paper.