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i-opener t1_itz7cps wrote

Biff and Josh from "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal".

At least some of us know what to expect from Josh, being that he's Christ and all, but even that was subverted quite a bit. Biff came out of left field for me and the interplay between the two - chef's kiss! Natural?, check! Genuine?, double check! Well-written?? Triple check!!

I wouldn't consider myself a Christian but this book is in my top 5 simply for the impact, carried almost entirely by Biff.


Secret_Walrus7390 t1_itzgnju wrote

I'm three quarters of the way through this right now and have loved every second of it.


i-opener t1_iu08bc2 wrote

If it's your first time reading it, I envy you. :)


jackandjerry t1_itzmnc0 wrote

All Christopher Moore books have fun characters! Great rec.


Your_Daddy_ t1_iu0fo6m wrote

Christopher Moore books are so funny. While I was reading Lamb, I was waiting for my car tires to be done, and I probably looked like a weirdo giggling at my book.

The whole part of his experience in Indie - I thought was some made up fiction, since I am not very religious - but after I researched some of the topics, the book stays true to its Bible references.