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juliaaargh t1_itza6rq wrote

the Master and Commander series by Patrick O'Brian.


showturtle t1_itzwsjp wrote

This is my go-to when I don’t know what to read. I love JA and SM- although, I think the books are more story driven than character driven. Over the course of 20+ novels spanning roughly 30 in-story years, there is very little arc to their characters; they are pretty fixed as people within the first few books. It makes sense- POB was a historian and probably more focused on events than people - he initially invented the characters as a vehicle to describe naval life during the Nepolianic wars. The entire climax of the first book (first battle of Algeciras) takes place with the main characters watching from captivity.


Almostasleeprightnow t1_iu00urz wrote

Though, I think they do evolve subtly, which is what is so great about it. You can see their core personalities are the samr, but certain things change over the time period, in their interests, the way they work with people and the way they think about their families. And to me, that is how people actually change.


showturtle t1_iu0bk2f wrote

That’s true. I do always enjoy the moments when JA is back home and trying to manage life as a husband/father.


Almostasleeprightnow t1_iu0lb0o wrote

Yes me too. I also love seeing SM go from being a complete loner (remember "sigh, another day" somewhere in M&C) to having a group of followers, basically all his people that he cares for as a quirky patriarch. (yellow admiral, I believe. )