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SuccotashCareless934 t1_itzc16p wrote

It's love but a different kind! I'm actually teaching Wuthering Heights to a class of 13-14 year olds, and they're finally getting into it (chapter 9 was the turning point)!

Confession: I've tried to read Pride and Prejudice at least 3 times now, but just cannot get along with it (and I'm an English teacher!) Might give Persuasion a go.


_ellogovna t1_itzdjfa wrote

I’m around your class’ age and I can say it’s a book that won’t appeal to most teenagers so I’m really glad they are starting to like it! I wish we did it as a novel study this year but my English teacher is the stuff of nightmares so I’m too scared ask her lol!


SuccotashCareless934 t1_itze1z4 wrote

Now they're understanding the drama of it, they're a lot more into it - they actually asked to continue reading the other day, but it was the end of the lesson so I had to send them off! Kudos to you for reading it independently - don't think I'd have been able to hack it as a teenager! Had to come back to some books as an adult that I just didn't 'get' as a teen (The Handmaid's Tale springs to mind).


_ellogovna t1_itzg2li wrote

That’s so good to hear!! Thanks for the compliment btw!!