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Youre_a_tomato t1_itzmscw wrote

Charles Dickens, for me, writes the most interesting and unique characters. They all have their own distinctive and consistent voice and idiosyncrasies.

He really must have roamed London and talked to everybody. From nobles and paupers, children and ecclesiastical figures, country-folk to criminals, Dickens gives them all distinctive features and mannerisms.


showturtle t1_itzy14t wrote

Dickens is phenomenal. Tale of Two Cities is his best- Carton’s character arc is great.

Edit: I should clarify that what makes Carter’s arc great is that there really is no arc. He is essentially a shitty/unloveable person the entire book and then rises to a single heroic occasion - similar to inspector Javert in LM. I think sometimes seeing a character act entirely out of their nature can be just as satisfying as watching them develop over the entire course of a story- maybe it’s even more satisfying when it’s done right.