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moaningsalmon t1_iu1nzji wrote

If I'm reading for pleasure, I read with "the voice" you speak of. If I'm just trying to get through something, and I don't need/want anything more than a cursory knowledge of it, I'll read quickly without the internal narrator.


Ok-disaster2022 t1_iu1osis wrote

Yep. The joy of reading to me is with the narrator, especially if I can get a good enough sense of the character for the internal narrator to have their own voices. For example when reading "Harry Potter" as a kid, I always imagined Dumbledore to be a grey-haired version of Xanatos from Gargoyles with the voice of Johnathan Frakes. Xanatos was such a manipulative character who wasn't truly good or bad, but always worked situations out to his benefit, which is how Dumbledore ended up being.

But more to the way I tend to read is hyper focus and binging. When I start reading a book or series, it's almost the only thing I'll do in my spare time. I read the Wheel of Time series in like 3 months, with the shortest amount of time being one day (it was exhausting) and the longest being multiple weeks because those middle books are boring.