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adriansgotthemoose t1_ittjmg2 wrote

Margaret Wes and Tracy Hickmans's Death Gate Cycle?


xyelmoxy OP t1_ittjuoc wrote

That really does seem close and I was reading their books at the time so you may be right. This is most likely it, thanks!!


Valdrothos t1_ittkc97 wrote

Yeah, he beat me to it. Haplo!


adriansgotthemoose t1_itu1izm wrote

Nah mate, we are all trying to be helpful! To be honest i think i only read the first two books, keep meaning to get stuck into it.


McFeely_Smackup t1_ittmnz6 wrote

Specifically the first book "dragon wing" focused on the floating islands world.


GeneralInspectour t1_itthm4u wrote

It sounds to me like Keys to the Kingdom written by Garth Nix


xyelmoxy OP t1_itthpgu wrote

Says they were published starting in 2003 so can't be :(


HoneyBolt91 t1_ittj7e5 wrote

Maybe post in r/tipofmytongue too? They're pretty good at tracking down stuff like this.


SecretReality t1_ittl8ei wrote

r/whatsthatbook might be able to help.


xyelmoxy OP t1_ittlay3 wrote

Ill keep that in mind for next time but someone got the right answer for me thankfully :)


SecretReality t1_ittrbj8 wrote

Hurray! I’m glad you found the answer! (Kind of interested in reading this book myself, the premise sounded interesting!)


xyelmoxy OP t1_ittrf7h wrote

It's a 7 book series. I do remember the other books based on the covers but the first book, which is about the floating island world, is the one that stuck in my memory. I hope they're good. I haven't read them in 25 years or so heh


books-ModTeam t1_ittmo65 wrote

Hello. Per rule 3.4, your post is better suited for asking in /r/WhatsThatBook or /r/tipofmytongue. Thank you.