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FredR23 t1_iu4zp6y wrote

Truly - the language doesn't seem to be Card's at all. The whole things stinks to high heaven.


Julian_Caesar t1_iu573tc wrote

Oh haha that's what you meant. I never even thought of it that way. I'd believe it though.

I remember when he first started being more public about his views, there was a theory that he'd had a stroke and tried to keep it hidden. That's how surprised everyone was.


FredR23 t1_iu5v857 wrote

The stroke idea is fairly sound - I've seen that happen with other authors. Clive Barker's massive decline seems due to the blood poisoning and health issues he's had (along with a lot of trauma - some of his causing).

My money was on Card having some scheme to take credit from a ghost writer at the beginning of his publishing career.