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psibomber t1_itptteh wrote

Is the Pope Catholic? - It's a book about secularism, not religion. I wouldn't pick it up again but I read it at a young age so it's interesting ideas about secularism did get stuck in my head.

The Fountainhead- I liked it because it read like a romance novel, but it wasn't the book itself that stuck in my mind, it was people's reaction to when I talked about the book. It opened my eyes to how controversial some ideas are by people's reaction to it and how a lot of people conform and close their eyes, or act like they are confused about ideas, or that they believe there is a "right" and a "wrong" way to think.

The Midnight Club- Interesting ideas about life, death, reincarnation, and terminal illness. Maybe it was because I was young and I just really liked Pike's YA novels but I felt this one hit deeper and I'll always remember it.


stumpdawg t1_itppxx6 wrote

I see /r/Discworld references everywhere now.



iris2211 t1_itppseq wrote

-to kill a mockingbird bird -a gentleman in Moscow -the Lincoln highway


AlphaStargazer t1_itqkgfx wrote

To Kill a Mockingbird is sooo good


iris2211 t1_itqtobh wrote

Have you read the sequel? I think it's go and set a watchman. It's so bad


AlphaStargazer t1_itr57c3 wrote

It has a sequel?


iris2211 t1_itrbg2i wrote

Yes, I think they found this book after the writer died. It's set 15/20 years after to kill a mockingbird and let me just tell some characters are just..... something else. Atticus is.... Hum different, Jem is on the other side and Calpurnia, one of my favorite characters, is a character I love and hate about this book. If you want go and check it out, but the advice I give is to imagine that it's a fanfiction and not a sequel


xXyliaXy t1_itprmg0 wrote

Tuesday’s with Morrie.


RagingLeonard t1_itprwyr wrote

Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.


gxbcab t1_itpsfy7 wrote

Chuck Palahnuik. My favorites of his are Choke and Haunted.


owensum t1_itqa9kc wrote

Brothers Karamazov

Beyond Good & Evil


emzorzin3d t1_itpq5xo wrote

Sword of Kaigen - I liked it but didn't love it while I read it. Then I found myself thinking about it long after putting it down.

Any of the early Dune books also fall into this category for me. I found my love for the series only came about after I finished the first book and realised I wanted to know more about this universe and it's strangeness.


PristinePineapple1 t1_itpwe1i wrote

you say early dune books, not the later ones? i’m about to read this series


emzorzin3d t1_itr717k wrote

Only because I've only read 3 so far. I plan on reading God Emperor but haven't got there yet. So it wasn't me slagging the later ones off or anything. 😂

Though I have heard god Emperor is a good place to stop.


jlnxr t1_itpssfe wrote



Slaughterhouse Five

The Road

A number of stories from Ted Chiang's two short story collections, Stories of Your Life and Others and Exhalations

There's probably more but that's what came to mind initially. Plenty of other good books but in terms of what permanently changed my way of seeing the world I think those examples all definitely did.


MajesticLaw4939 t1_itpsyfd wrote

The structure of scientific revolutions

Little Science Big Science


sahita5228 t1_itpt43o wrote

{can't hurt me} {dopamine nation} { the myth of being normal} {the earned life}


Shurmonator t1_itptalx wrote

A Walk Across America. Lovely book


manielos t1_itpvkgj wrote

not a fiction, more of documentary but Hyperspace by Michio Kaku changed a lot of how i perceive world, helped me distance from a lot of things


LeakyBellows t1_itpvlb5 wrote

A Theology of Liberation

The Hobbit & the Lord of the Rings trilogy

Complete Poems of Robert Frost


ozcapy t1_itpw519 wrote

Meditations from Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

A fantastic book (or diary) from Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius that explores his views on life and stoicism.

Favourite book of all time.


ladywaterlily t1_itq0gn1 wrote

The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery (especially if you read it while being an insecure teenaged girl)


transsubstantiv t1_itq0xy8 wrote

"W, or The Memory of Childhood" by Georges Perec

"I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson

"The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" by Philip K. Dick

"A Scanner Darkly" by Philip K. Dick


boxer_dogs_dance t1_itq7zl4 wrote

The Black Swan and Antifragile by Taleb, Animal Farm, Watership Down, the Hobbit, Death of Ivan Illych, Death of a Salesman


Forestsounds89 t1_itqbntp wrote

"Behind the green mask" i spent my whole life fighting climate change and global warming just find out that "they" were pulling my heart strings like a puppet


MegC18 t1_itqc7ke wrote

Tim Weiner - Legacy of ashes

Oliver Stone - history of the United States


AlphaStargazer t1_itqkbs4 wrote

Narnia (entire series)

The Viking Quest Series

Books of the Infinite Series

Two Kingdoms

The Quest for Truth Series

The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz/The Epic Order of the Seven series

And many others lol (all of these books are Christian 😁)


CrazyCatLady108 t1_itqpugt wrote

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