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NeekanHazill t1_iu410er wrote

I would like to read it but I'm a bit concerned about the effect it could have on me. My depression comes in waves, and I'm curious about the book because I've heard many times (including here) that it's very relatable, but I wouldn't want it to make me sink deeper, if that makes sense. I don't know if it's a read more suited for when I'm feeling ok so I could maybe handle more, or when I'm already down and it won't make me slip back into a depressive episode because I'm already there.


GoonDocks1632 t1_iu45c0m wrote

I was very careful about reading it for that reason. I picked a time when I didn't have a lot of external stressors, and I had family on hand. I read it when I was feeling ok. It did pull me down a bit, but I had my coping mechanisms in place to bring me back up. I could not have read it while I was already low.

It's a great read, but I won't read it again.


wine_oclock_ t1_iu5wj3u wrote

I read it and felt so depressed while reading it and after. I sometimes think it deepened my depression but I think it really just helped me realize that I was depressed and finally brought those feelings to the surface


purplebinder t1_iu5tk4l wrote

I've attempted to read it a few times, and never made it through, for this reason. I would like to finish it it some point in my life, but now that I'm very happy, I don't want to be pulled down. I prefer my entertainment to be more light.


Feedme10tacos t1_iu765j8 wrote

I honestly thought it was the most boring book that I have ever read! I expected to be profoundly moved after hearing/reading all the reviews, but it was just really, really boring for me.


HotChildinDaCity t1_iu89xbd wrote

Bummer that you're getting downvoted for having a different opinion about a book. We don't all love the exact same books.