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m_ttl_ng t1_iubcv9t wrote

The book was decent and it’s cool to see people benefitting from it.

But it also is just a “simplified” version of The Power Of Habit which I thought was a much more interesting book overall.


greengerm t1_iubg3ah wrote

Which book did you read first?


m_ttl_ng t1_iubj2tf wrote

Power of habit, but mainly because it came out first


Eastern_Amphibian385 t1_iucivaw wrote

Totally agree. I started The Power of Habit while on a wait list for Atomic Habits. The Power of Habit is so entertaining to read - I adored the way the stories wove into the point of the book. I started reading Atomic Habits shortly after and it was rough. It had no entertainment factor and I hated the layout, which seemed painfully aimless in comparison.


HoosierDaddy85 t1_iuervuz wrote

Who is the author. I see several with that title. Thanks!


m_ttl_ng t1_iuesqeq wrote

Charles Duhigg.

He also wrote a follow-up called Smarter Faster Better but I haven't read that one yet.