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Harsimaja t1_itmch03 wrote

Pet peeve of mine that keeps happening: I make a jokey ‘meta-innuendo’ in a similar way when someone says something that has an obvious double meaning, alluding to something I could say, and get “Ah but say it! Haha” when it should be obvious I don’t have a specific wording in mind but the general idea is clear.

> “There are a few positions on the table”

> “Haha well you know which ones I’d suggest ;)”/“You know what I’d say to that ;)”

> “Haha ;) Suggest them!/Say it!”

> “Um. Isn’t it a little less lame if left unsaid…?”

I obviously don’t have more specific direct wording in mind - the allusion to it was the specific wording.

Viciously murders the mildly amusing moment, even if they got it and found it funny.


EveryFairyDies t1_itmom9g wrote

That’s why I stick to “that’s what she said” as a rejoinder to any potential innuendo.

> “There are a few positions on the table.”

> “That’s what she said.”


StewitusPrime t1_itnsra1 wrote

That’s when you gotta double down and name off a few in an equally vague way. Stuff like “you know the classics. Give ‘em the ol’ Alabama Fruit Basket, or Italian Chandelier. If you know, you know, amirite!?” If they press further, hit ‘em with the old “If you have to ask, you’ll never know. Now who’s in?”


GrudaAplam t1_itv2hya wrote

They're calling your bluff because you aren't as funny as you think you are. Sorry, but someone had to tell you.


Harsimaja t1_itvj3xw wrote

Aw gee thanks, because you were there and know what was said and how! Even in the cases where the context is flirting and they want me to say something more explicit? Fascinating.