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artaig t1_iy4iy6w wrote

I feel those are superficial things than in a condense format (movie) could take the viewer away from the real monsters. So instead of "the movie about some creatures" you would think "the movie about giant monsters".

The monsters are the Morlocks, enslaved humans by the capital, forced to work underground and deprived of their humanity, brutalized, that end up in the top of the food chain.

In yet another premonition of HG Wells the parallelisms with Soviet Russia are uncanny. The masses of brutalized peasantry, finally revolting and devouring the upper class. But the conditions to which they were subjected to hindered them for the coming decades. The brutalization stayed as their way of life; corruption, bribes, abuse of power...


highliner108 OP t1_iy4nhfj wrote

I guess the issue is that it’s sort of like giving a history of the USSR and just stopping in like, the seventies. The Morlocks are definitely monstrous (as where the early Eloi and the humans who evolved into them), but part of the idea of the book is that that monsteresqeness will eventually rob the entire species of its very sapience. It’s hard to talk about the USSR as a state if you don’t talk about how that state collapsed, and the Morlocks are a similar thing.