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Frostymagnum t1_iyd2b4v wrote

Your friend is literally the target audience


retrovegan99 t1_iycxqko wrote

Yes. They’re YA. 14 is perfect. (I am considerably older than the target audience, but I enjoyed the first two books in this trilogy. I found the third one almost unreadable for some reason.)


Aylauria t1_iydpp2j wrote

I think the reason was that it was nonsensical trash that read like it was dashed off so the author could focus on the movies. But, that could be just me.


fireflyslove t1_iye3hsm wrote

The third one has the worst ending for a YA book that I can think of. It also has alternating POV where I regularly had to go back to the beginning of the chapter to see who was narrating, because the voices were identical. That was annoying af on a Kindle


SednaNariko t1_iycux9w wrote

I think it's appropriate for a 14 year old. I mean she's as old as some of the characters in the book going through things.

Like ooo scandalous, kissing... at 14 years old you are entering the 9th grade (aka high school). It's plenty fine. There's a scene in the last book where they get a bit handsy but it's over the bra feeling at absolute most.

HOWEVER, the concern I have with the series is how kinda toxic the romance starts off in the books. Though granted every single YA book from the time had toxic relationships. And I will say that the relationship progresses in a very healthy way.


Rominions t1_iydppdy wrote

Always find it funny that Americans can question kissing or sex as being too adult, but murdering nah that shits fine even to a toddler. Weirdest example? Ring around the rosey.....


Least-Conference-335 t1_iye4hj4 wrote

How do you convince your population to join the military as teenagers if you don’t desensitize them to murder at infancy? Funny enough, in the same American military complex during WW1, they enforced sexual abstinence, kept attractive women around but detained any prostitutes or promiscuous women to psychologically frustrate the male soldiers in hopes that they would be more focused and lethal.


kithien t1_iydbemd wrote

This - you should probably read the series and talk about both the ending and the romance with your 14 year old.


SpiderSmoothie t1_iyde6eh wrote

Considering op says this is their friend it's pretty safe to assume they are close to the friend in age. It's not like it's their kid or anything. So while this is true enough for adults looking at gifting a young person they're responsible for, it doesn't appear to be relevant advice in the context of this post.


SednaNariko t1_iydbrlz wrote

And probably also the poorly handled PTSD that only flairs up when convenient for drama reasons and is entirely forgotten about outside of that


rfdavid t1_iycvqd3 wrote

Nearly anything that gets a teenager reading is appropriate.


ImJustSaying34 t1_iydcgxo wrote

100% agree! My husband and I were talking about if there are any books we would ever let our kid not read. I was allowed to read whatever I whatever whenever as a kid and I plan to do the same. But we did come up with just one book series we will not allow our kids to read. One that I’m fine censoring and banning and burning into oblivion.

>!50 shades of Gray!<


rfdavid t1_iydcs7t wrote

I live in a pretty conservative town and the heart stopper books were either banned or at the very least controversial. The good news is my 14 y/o daughter was interested due to the controversy and now she’s read the entire series and has moved on to other YA fiction. Thanks book banners.


jackgomad t1_iydwxaz wrote

Good for her - they're wonderful. The people wanting to ban them are decidedly not.


avolordo t1_iydfyh7 wrote

Agree! I have Game of Thrones on the list too (not banned to oblivion, but she wanted to read them at age 12) but now that my kid is almost 16 I might let that one go. We have a rule that if movies are based off a book, the book has to be read first.


carlitospig t1_iydr327 wrote

It’ll take them forever to get through it, and by then they’ll be adult. Well done, loophole locked down. 😎


avolordo t1_iye4j85 wrote

Exactly! She is a speed reader though, I can only hope it takes her that long to get through them 🤣


BrilliantApricot1223 t1_iye01i9 wrote

> We have a rule that if movies are based off a book, the book has to be read first.

Why do you feel that is necessary? Just curious as to your reasoning.


Low_Revenue_3521 t1_iye17e0 wrote

We have the same rule. It's partly based on so many dreadful adaptations of books, partly as a way of encouraging slightly reluctant readers to try something different, and partly because I feel that if possible you should try the original before trying adaptations/versions/retellings.

My kids have adapted the rule to say "you have to experience the original first", so if the film or TV series came first, that's what you go for first.

Its not a hard and fast rule, I don't micromanage their reading, but my eldest was delighted when she accidentally followed the rule with Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story/These Violet Delights.


BrilliantApricot1223 t1_iye23ca wrote

That's interesting! I'm just curious because I've discovered so many things by watching something, then reading the book afterwards. I think it's a great way to discover something new.

For example, I didn't read Handmaid's Tale until after the show. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it or not, but I love the show, so I went ahead and read the book.

I think it's a good way to explore something you're not comfortable with without diving too far in.

My daughter is only 15 months old, so I haven't come across this kind of issue yet, but I've already started considering how to approach these things.


avolordo t1_iye5rq7 wrote

Doing it in reverse is great too! I never would have read through Neil Gaiman without watching Good Omens or blowing through GoT after the first season because I didn’t want it to end. Reading requires more time, patience, and imagination than a movie or show so anything that will motivate a child to read wins. I found that bribing with the movie after the book helped and also severely limiting screen time while young so that it was more of a reward when it was earned.


BrilliantApricot1223 t1_iye6376 wrote

That's absolutely fair! I was just curious as to your reasoning, because honestly, I've never heard that rule before.

You're right, whatever gets someone reading is the winner, in my opinion, be it movie first, or book first!


avolordo t1_iye3t3s wrote

We felt the same way. Movies cut so much out of the books. We also wanted to encourage reading over screen time. If she wanted to watch a movie she had to read a book and she only got one movie a week of screen time m until she was in middle school.

We were more strict when she was younger and have loosened it up a lot. She also was pretty sensitive to scary/suspenseful scenes so knowing what will happen from reading it first helped temper her fearful reaction a little.

At 16 she is a major bookworm and has an incredibly creative mind. For more adult content like Game of Thrones I would absolutely still make her read first. Either way, she loves critiquing movie adaptations now and we have a lot of fun conversations about good and bad scenes, casting, set, what we’d change and how etc.


L0udFlow3r t1_iydy8t6 wrote

Tell her she can read it when WOW is released.


SpiderSmoothie t1_iydf1gv wrote

I think the most important thing in these cases is to know your kid and their maturity level and to be involved in their reading process. By that I mean know what they're reading, read it yourself, and be available to discuss concepts and events and answer any questions your kid may have regarding their reading. I was like you, when I was growing up I read whatever I wanted without restrictions. My parents weren't involved though. They didn't know what I was reading and didn't care. I was pretty mature and was able to handle whatever I picked out but I also think it would have been nice to have a close enough relationship with my parents to be able to ask questions if I'd had them.


Jade_GL t1_iydl5u5 wrote

My parents were the same way. My mother only said that I couldn't read one book series, and that was based on what my aunt told her. That was The Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice, which were like the mid 90s 50 Shades I think, just better written.

My mom got the warning because I was really into Anne Rice's Vampire books, so I would be trying to read anything else by her that I could get my preteen/teenage hands on. They just told me it was erotica in more vague terms. I was cool with it, I had tons of other stuff to read anyway. :D


Rominions t1_iydq65b wrote

50 shades of grey is bad, not because of sexual scenes or bdsm. But that it romantises someone so narcissistic and just generally a horrible person. Also don't forget that book is a stolen story, from the movie "the secretary" even uses the same names mr Grey.


CrayZ_Squirrel t1_iydqtd6 wrote

It's also just reskined twilight fanfiction. Not to mention some of the worst prose I've ever seen. It's just plain bad


PfizerGuyzer t1_iydxt36 wrote

But like, you shouldn't prevent your kid from reading it because of that. It's a great piece for life lessons. "Do you like Anastasia? She sure does let Christian do a lot of stuff to her, and doesn't ever take control of her own life. Is that what you want for yourself, when you grow up?"


Silverjackal_ t1_iydf3q5 wrote

There’s a few other popular ones that fit nearly the same theme. I’d not let them read those either. Something like Twilight? Eh, it’s bad but at least they’re reading.


carlitospig t1_iydqzd0 wrote

A 14 yr old doesn’t need to know about butt plugs or the overuse of the internal monologue ‘oh my’.

Such a sorry excuse for fanfiction.


ImJustSaying34 t1_iye8mkb wrote

It’s not even the sex stuff that bothers me. It’s the whole persona of Christian Grey. One it’s just bad writing. And two he is just the worst and my kid isn’t old enough to not get swayed by the hot rich guy.


IusedtobeaChef t1_iydbm8o wrote

This. I personally love these books, and think they’re perfectly appropriate for any young teen.


bflatmusic7 t1_iye0ysk wrote

I read Under the Dome by Stephen King when I was too young. There was a particularly graphic SA scene and I was not about it. I was probably 13-14 when I read it. Understood everything perfectly. But that was definitely not. meant to be read by someone at my age.


scolfin t1_iyde2f5 wrote

It's always interesting to see how r/books puts bildung's value on reading but refuses Its standards of reading.


biglipsmagoo t1_iycv7wq wrote

The worst thing I remember from that series was the ending. IT DIDN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN THAT WAY!!!


RojoPoco t1_iydcvr9 wrote

Agreed, story wrapped up dumb


CrayZ_Squirrel t1_iydr2i7 wrote

Author specifically wanted that outcome for the character so it is shoehorned in even though it makes zero sense.


SpiderSmoothie t1_iydfmrj wrote

I've talked about it before and I know I'm in the minority, but I liked the way it ended. It was unexpected, especially for the time and genre and it felt like a very real and possible ending where the rest of the story was (obviously) more fantastical and dystopian.


mcolston57 t1_iycvd9u wrote

To be honest 14 might be too old for it


NefariousnessOne1859 t1_iydgvn0 wrote

God I hope not, I was 25 when I read the series (ok so I read them after seeing the first film).

And I am not a “below grade” reader either.


Banarok t1_iydxw93 wrote

i still enjoy YA books and i'm in my thirties, my mother is in her 60's and also like YA books, YA books don't need to be bad they tend to be faster paced and simpler though but sometimes that's what i want, just like eating popcorn isn't very nutricious i still enjoy eating them from time to time.


bird-nird t1_iyd1fx0 wrote

Yes but they’re really bad. I’d recommend Hunger Games if they want classic post apocalyptic


oddfeett t1_iyd5p2k wrote

14 years old is closer to being too old for Divergent than too young for it, though it certainly isn't too old and 12-16 is more or less the target demographic.


BloodChasm t1_iydcsiw wrote

25m and I read it last year. Idk about the whole "being too old" for it. Anyone can enjoy it at any age. I liked it alot.


oddfeett t1_iydecvo wrote

Don't take it in a judgemental or demeaning way, I still read Roald Dahl books where the target demographic is even lower than for Divergent. Rather, I'm being general, in saying that likely most 25 year olds won't enjoy Divergent in the way a teenager would, and likewise with Roald Dahl.


PfizerGuyzer t1_iydy6c0 wrote

I'm glad others enjoyed it. Divergent actually has the prize 'Worst book I have ever read' for me. No shame, it's very cool how different two people's tastes can be, and I'm glad other people loved it.


BloodChasm t1_iyeqg9w wrote

Im all for others opinions, but If divergent is the worst book you have ever read, I doubt you've read many books. I can understand why someone doesn't like it, or think it's bad. But worst book?


PfizerGuyzer t1_iyewzwg wrote

>Im all for others opinions, but If divergent is the worst book you have ever read, I doubt you've read many books.

After you said that, I no longer have any wish to speak with you.


D4rkSiren68 t1_iydydmu wrote

My literature class found out about the Hunger Games and the Divergent series in highschool because our teacher would come to school “hungover” from reading the entire series the night before. It didn’t happen often, but when she found one she loved she would binge. As a bookworm, I respected that.


snopdogsumbrela t1_iyczm79 wrote

I read The Shining at 13, which has content worse than "kissing," and i'm not scarred nor permanently ruined forever. in my opinion, i'm turning out relatively well. Sooo, I don't see how the books would be inappropriate or toxic for your child.


No-Squirrel-7540 t1_iyd4dur wrote

I think so? I read it at 11, and don’t remember anything that someone that age should be concerned about. I think 14 is probably a good age to read it


crumbaugh t1_iyd9px5 wrote

Can’t think of a single example of a book that wouldn’t be appropriate for a 14 year old to read


PfizerGuyzer t1_iydye9n wrote

I was 14 when I read the Reek stuff in the Game of Thrones books and it genuinely affected me. I remember reading it in Irish class and being unable to focus on schoolwork for a while when I got to some of the mutiliation stuff. I haven't continued on in that series till this day.

EDIT: Also I think most books that have any real depiction of sexual assault might be weird for a 14 year old. I know I had had healthy sexual experiences before I read any books that go properly into that subject matter, and I'm glad.


MisterBigDude t1_iyd3r5x wrote

I taught 7th-grade English for a year, and many of the students were reading those books. I assumed that age range (12-13 years) was the intended target audience.


ReturnOfSeq t1_iyd5elq wrote

By 14 I had read several books and series with hardcore graphic sex and violence. It’s fine


CorgiGal89 t1_iyd6s1b wrote

This person has probably already seen like 100 movies and TV shows where people kiss, it's like the most PG thing ever. I'd say most kids probably already even had their "first kiss" at 14.

Like we all already knew what sex was in middle school lol

The only reason not to give the books is because they're just not very good. There's better YA out there.


GahanGodzilla t1_iydaujq wrote

Listen if you hear people saying that it's too old for kids... They are WRONG...i myself read the tri-series and enjoyed it when i was 12 just need to have sufficient skill to understand..... By that logic one can also say that Dan Brown books are inappropriate for 14 year olds


CageyOldMan t1_iydmhs7 wrote

In 2022, most 14 year olds have already been watching hardcore porn for 5 years. Yer good


wemblywembles t1_iyddehq wrote

Assuming you are 14, you probably shouldn't be worried about what's appropriate or not. You and your friend should read anything and everything that interests you. Whether it's appropriate is a problem for your parents and teachers.


spear117 t1_iyd67fb wrote

Depending on what she read now, it might be not interesting enough for her tbh. But yeah, it's definitely appropriate.


GaimanitePkat t1_iyd7zqm wrote

I'm pretty sure that's the target age for that series. Kids who love to read generally come across lots of "mature" topics anyway since they can quickly get bored of YA/kiddie books and move on to heavier fare.


movieball t1_iyd94n9 wrote

Yes even for an 11 year old.


camy987 t1_iyd99dr wrote

I read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in school when I was 14. There is a detailed description of Angelou's rape. I think she will be fine reading a bit of kissing and touching if there's a chance she can be exposed to worse things in school.


ashoka_akira t1_iyd9y0b wrote

Divergence is the type of series that is written for 14 year olds but mostly gets read by bored 20+ year olds.

Now I read Lolita when I was 14 and that was a weird trip.


hellmarvel t1_iydbtxa wrote

14-15 is the perfect age for reading it (the heroine is 16) and it's a formative book, if you read it at 20 you might regret you didn't read it earlier.


carlitospig t1_iydqh7v wrote

14 yr olds kiss. Like, in real life. Anybody ignoring that is crazy.

So the only thing I’d be worried about is the amount of violence, but it’s not difference than any other YA fantasy. There’s always some violence in it.


FeralCJ7 t1_iycujup wrote

It's been a while since I read them, but I think so. They're on my list to recommend to my 12 year old, he likes those dystopian future style books.


unlovelyladybartleby t1_iyd0bgk wrote

My kid read them at 12 and was fine. He found it interesting and thought that they needed to cool off their relationship and change the dynamics so it provided some learning for him

Make sure your kid only watches the first movie though, not because two and three are inappropriate but because they are just dreadful lol.


SunshineSk8r t1_iyd2wr7 wrote

I read them at 14-15 & I think they’re totally fine! I also think it’s sweet you thought to ask this before giving them a gift they’re sure to love ❤️


Th3N3rd3istN3rd t1_iyd3o3h wrote

Yes very much so it’s what got me into reading I’m still only 16 lol but I was made to read it in school for 9th grade English and was absolutely obsessed


dansedanse t1_iyd4uv0 wrote

It’s probably the only age I would have enjoyed reading it. Highly recommend throne of glass though.


Nim2019 t1_iyd53sa wrote

I was made to read it as a guy in my (at the time) mid twenties. Can confirm it feels written for a 14yo girl.

Which I mean as no great disrespect to the books, I just was obviously not the target audience.


notafrumpy_housewife t1_iyd722i wrote

My 15yo twins really enjoy them, I think one of them read them for the first time at 14, so I would say go ahead.


CutieLuna t1_iyd7a6l wrote

I was 14 when i read Divergent for the first time, i definitely think it's age appropriate!


je97 t1_iyd8055 wrote

It's a young adult series. It's aimed at 14-16 year olds. It's completely appropriate.


coconutpudding089 t1_iyd96jo wrote

At 14 it is perfectly appropriate for her, I was reading stephen king by 11 and it didnt scare me.


improper84 t1_iydaae7 wrote

I was reading Stephen King at 13. I think a 14 year old can handle a YA series.


spandexcatsuit t1_iydatcs wrote

I ordered these books for my 10.5 year old.


Brandon432 t1_iydaywz wrote

Totally fine, and we are pretty conservative about this stuff in my house.


jchick37 t1_iydbhay wrote

Yes it’s appropriate!


RojoPoco t1_iydcrng wrote

Think it's fine for a teenager, nothing too crazy in it.

Think it's got the same issue as other dystopia books of the time. Great world building in the first book, worse and worse story in the sequels. Just my opinion


scolfin t1_iydei75 wrote

Appropriate, yes, unless you have different standards than mainstream publishing's (not uncommon, given that it usually sticks to superficial features). Worth the time it takes to read, probably not, based on series reputation.


MrsZerg t1_iydezuj wrote

I was a 6th grade reading teacher and almost every kid checked these out on library day!


Riot55 t1_iydfsxq wrote

Pretty sure that's the target audience.


dr_trousers t1_iydg9pt wrote

Hell, I started reading Stephen King at that age. I think my first was Salem's Lot.


prosecutie05579 t1_iydgha1 wrote

I loved the first two Divergent books. I pretend the third doesn’t exist.

Your friend is the intended audience for them.


Gbin91 t1_iydgnn6 wrote

Book one is chefs kiss as YA novels go. Kinda goes downhill from there IMO. Was a really great concept though.


irosasr t1_iydh4lw wrote

I think I read them around that age.


breakfastfordinner11 t1_iydhtcc wrote

There’s kissing and mentions of sex, but nothing graphic. I’d say 14 is well within the target audience!


ardentArcane t1_iydi3q9 wrote

If you cut out any books that involve kissing from a 14yo's reading diet, you are going to be a bit thin on the ground.


DenturesDentata t1_iydjw62 wrote

I gave them to my niece around that age. I read them myself (I'm old) and don't remember anything offensive from my multiple reads.


DrowsyDreamer t1_iydlqkb wrote

I’d go as far as saying that 13-15 is the ONLY appropriate time to read them.


ProbablySPTucker t1_iydlzo9 wrote

14 is the literal target audience for that series. You're fine.

>some people on google believe it is not appropriate for a 14-years old, because of the details that are in the book about kissing etc

Ignore them, they're morons.


Logres t1_iydm0rq wrote

I read God Emporer of Dune at 12. They'll be fine.


Thatguyjmc t1_iydnv96 wrote

Well, those books suck. And 14 year olds also suck. So seems like a match.


GeneralPeas7845 t1_iydp4pt wrote

The Divergent books are for Young Adults, and 14 falls under that target audience. It's a nice series. You should gift it to your friend, but it's not fantasy.


BrooklynBillyGoat t1_iydpe2q wrote

It's made for teens. My gf just made me watch the movies. Pretty good imo but the books prob little to YA for my liking


musicalnerd-1 t1_iydqhhz wrote

I think I was around that age when I read them, but there are a lot of differences between what does and doesn’t suit someone at what age


FullAhjosu12 t1_iydqmn0 wrote

In general the series is an illogical mess of reasoning. The main reason I would say it is inappropriate for 14 year olds is the amount of sheer idiocracy that exists. It’s understanding and handling of emotions is probably one of the worst I have seen. But that is more of a critique of the book than the age.


kocur4d t1_iydrznk wrote

I would start with convergent series most of the current analysis is based on the theory of convergent series.

People like Euler and other were experimenting with theory of divergent series but that might be too much for 14 years old.

Hope this helps.


nautilator44 t1_iydt1pg wrote

I recommend instead the Skyward series by brandon sanderson.


brooklynnmaci t1_iydu55k wrote

I read it when I was like 10 or 11 it’s really nothing crazy, hopefully they like it!


famousminkey t1_iyduhpe wrote

That series is for that age demographic. 100% YA


Kassipirli t1_iydw3w5 wrote

If you are gifting them to an enemy they are perfect, for a friend with shit taste they are good too


The_Vegan_Chef t1_iydxtmv wrote

It's not suitable for anyone. It's hunger games fan-fic.


minorhealingpotion t1_iydyyq1 wrote

Yeah I read it at 14. Still have a signed copy of the 1st book


LokoloMSE t1_iydz1uo wrote

If he likes them I would also recommend I Am Number Four, the Lorien Legacies.


MellifluousSussura t1_iydzbrx wrote

Oh yeah it’s fine. People are really weird about what is “age appropriate” sometimes. 14 is the ideal time to be reading this kinda stuff.


blue-birdz t1_iye3239 wrote

Kissing? For real? That's the reason you think it's inappropriate?


cy13erpunk t1_iye5miw wrote

the hunger games is a much better storyline imho

also Denner's Wreck is a great YA novel

or Ender's Game and its sequels Speaker for the Dead


or Jurassic Park


TheDickWolf t1_iye6cfe wrote

Yes. Imo by 14 almost anything is appropriate, depending on taste and sensibility. There’s no doubt in this case.


CrazyCatLady108 t1_iye7ngs wrote

Please post requests for reviews in our Weekly Recommendation thread. Thank you!


Gromit801 t1_iye8cqo wrote

Appropriate for a 10 year old. At least when I grew up.


soitgoes_9813 t1_iyea90l wrote

yes. 14 year olds are the target audience


Jim_Kirk1 t1_iyd517l wrote

There's really nothing I recall that's particularly nfsw. However, I do have issues with the worldbuilding, plot, and romance. I think there's better stuff out there tbh


elcabeza79 t1_iydgnpi wrote

They're Christian Young Adult novels. If not appropriate for a 14 year old, I don't know who they're appropriate for.

My advice is to not subject your friend to such bad writing. An extended family member recommended it to me, I borrowed the first book not realizing it was a YA series, got maybe 50 pages in and started wondering how someone's high school literature project got published. I googled it, which confirmed it wasn't worth the time.


throwaway2332464 t1_iydfpuk wrote

If anything 14 is going to be too old to be reading that sort of thing than too young!


ArcaneTrickster11 t1_iydcn5w wrote

They're not appropriate for any human. Terrible books, and I generally don't actively dislike any books that I read. A handful of exceptions and the divergent trilogy is one of them


linuxhiker t1_iycvl65 wrote

The place to look for this question is


PoorPauly t1_iyd68it wrote

Nobody, at any age, should be reading drivel.


night_owl37 t1_iyd8ilz wrote

Eh. Like what you like, don’t be a book snoot.


PoorPauly t1_iydal3r wrote

Snob? And why not? There are so many good books, why read incoherent and derivative trash?


Calamity0o0 t1_iydb6jr wrote

You're mistaking something being bad and you just not liking it. Any books that get kids reading are good.


PoorPauly t1_iydbcjk wrote

Mistaken? No I don’t think I am. It’s trash.


Calamity0o0 t1_iydbkp2 wrote

I'm not sure why you'd want to present yourself as being so pretentious, good for you for being honest I guess.


PoorPauly t1_iydclac wrote

If not liking rubbish makes me pretentious, I guess I’m pretentious.


Calamity0o0 t1_iyddofk wrote

If a kid is excited about reading a book, why would you ever want to discourage them? I've seen students struggle to get through required reading, and then as soon as they are able to pick any book they want they devour it and are able to have discussions about it. Would you really want to call what they are reading trash and risk them not bothering to find a book they like again?


PoorPauly t1_iydesdk wrote

Spare me the guilt trip.


Calamity0o0 t1_iydf2mq wrote

It's not you I'm trying to spare, I'm trying to change your mind about giving some poor kid grief about what they're reading. As a teacher it's kind of a priority for me.


PoorPauly t1_iydfaxu wrote

Well, you’re in luck. This is Reddit and I’m not a teacher.