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Tanagrabelle t1_iy81hrf wrote

It's darned good.

Liking it meant that I appreciated so many scenes of the recent mini-series.

It also meant I was furious with a few of the stupider things they did, and utterly disappointed by one particular thing they left out.


ballrus_walsack t1_iy862wn wrote

TIL there was a childhoods end miniseries.


Tanagrabelle t1_iy88t1z wrote

Honest truth, I'm really on the fence about whether or not to recommend it.


jwymes44 t1_iya9nyi wrote

If you spoiler tag it mind adding which part of the book they left out?


Tanagrabelle t1_iybbcoo wrote

There are many things, but only one that really mattered to me.

>!They did not make the part where abusing animals was forbidden, so humans went with the bullfight, only to be punished by feeling the pain of the poor bulls.!<

I know, we all have different things to find bothersome. I could shrug off the crunched timeline. A little. Okay, so my teeth hurt. That thing they skipped, though, I think they ought to have had it in there.