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Wherethegains t1_iyard81 wrote

Can I hit you up for some 'weird fiction ' suggestions?


SterlingR3d OP t1_iycojtb wrote

When it comes to my recommendations in weird fiction I don’t have too many. The one that comes to mind would be [Color Out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft] I know he is a controversial figure (rightfully so) but this work itself was solid and didn’t hit the issues as much as his other works.

The only other book I’ve read that could pooosibly be called weird fiction is poems by Edgar Allen Poe.

Most of my in take has been through video games, movies, and shows.

For VG: I would highly recommend either Alan Wake (great spooky atmosphere, amazing story about a struggling author seeking save his wife from the secluded town they went on vacation too, and crazy twists) or Control (amazing action, interesting Lore, and riveting story about a Woman coming to “The Bureau ” in search of her brother to find it under attack by supernatural forces)Both are great action games but the story, lore, and world are the real hooks.

For Movies: I like Annihilation (based on the book by the same name but I’ve never read it), The Endless (low budget film about 2 brothers returning to the cult that raised them when they receive a mysterious tape) and Arrival (non hostile aliens arrive on earth and the team trying to make contact)

TLDR; Books: Color out of Space, and Poetry by Edgar Allen Poe Video Games: Alan Wake or Control Movies: The endless, Arrival, or Annihilation