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dogsonbubnutt t1_j0x8fcg wrote

goodreads ratings are fine if you go into it knowing that most people on the site don't use the ratings to measure of the quality of a book, they use it to measure whether or not the book met their expectations as the reader.

i've seen lots of classic, otherwise excellent books downvoted and given one star simply because it was about something other than what the reader thought it'd be about. i'm reading "sandy hook" by elizabeth williamson, for instance, and in the forward she specifically says that this is a book about conspiracy theory propagation and NOT about gun rights, or adam lanza, or a detailed breakdown of the shooting and people will STILL give it one or two stars entirely because the book doesn't discuss those topics.

i think there's a lot of people on goodreads who think that books only exist to cater to their specific tastes. it makes ratings weird, but if you know that going in i think that said ratings can still be valuable. just pay attention to what people are saying in their reviews.