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claradox t1_j1oc6lg wrote

Check out PangoBooks app. That should help. Good luck to you.


Jenniferinfl t1_j1oe3s9 wrote

It might work well to do lots, especially if you have some by the same author or similar genre. That kind of thing often sells faster than individual books. When I want to start a series, the first thing I do is go to Ebay and see if someone has the whole set or most of a set for sale.

I would do lots for anything that makes sense to do like that.

If you have signed or first editions, I would list them individually and just make yours the lowest priced. If the cheapest one is $15.99, make yours $14.99. You will still come out further ahead than selling at a local book store. Just be sure you are adequately estimating shipping.

If you want to sell faster and are willing to take more of a loss, take some photos of the whole collection and post a whole collection price on Facebook marketplace or something similar for local pickup. You might do alright. Local sales have always been mixed for me, but, I've done alright on larger lots. It has to be worth the effort to drive and meet someone.


claradox t1_j1oc7e9 wrote

Check out PangoBooks app. That should help. Good luck to you.


Starstuffi t1_j1oh1rm wrote

Reselling books unfortunately will not net you very much. Even pristine books frequently are only worth a couple of dollars to places that just buy books from people outright. If you need the turn around immediately, something like Sell Back Your Book might be your best option....


anastasiagiov t1_j1ocq9n wrote

try vinted! it’s an app that works like depop. shipping is covered by the customer ofc


starliz t1_j1ockrf wrote

You can list them on Amazon. I have not done it, but when I go to buy a book, it will list if a used one is available.


CrazyCatLady108 t1_j1okdnk wrote

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