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Autarch_Kade t1_j2elbla wrote

Isn't using a website like this avoiding that "character" the local bookstore has?

If you're not going in, then why's it matter what that in-store experience is to you at that point?

And further, why does a bookstore deserve money due to the arbitrary coincidence of its zip code matching your own? Why shouldn't a business halfway across the country deserve to survive just as much? I've never really understood this mentality that a business deserves to survive because it hasn't found much success and grown yet, but if it did grow then it'd no longer be worth spending money at


ameliaspond t1_j2eq1vk wrote

>why does a bookstore deserve money due to the arbitrary coincidence of its zip code matching your own?

I think it's because indie bookstores usually offer something additional to their communities!

For example, the indie I work for has the only free public restroom in the shopping area (we believe it's a human right), hosts free in-store events with authors, promotes locally self-published authors, drives authors to schools for in-classroom experiences for kids, hosts a holiday book drive to replenish our local school libraries, and sponsors events across the community!

Yes, we sell books to the people in our community, but we also try to lift up our community. I hope that makes sense.


boysen_bean t1_j2emsjf wrote

I like supporting my community because my community supports me. It’s not a matter of deserving it or not. I want to be able to walk to a bookstore owned by someone local, and purchase a book. I want my neighbors to be able to do the same. I want to be able to go to local book events and see local authors talk.


Autarch_Kade t1_j2eniw6 wrote

I want that for everyone, not just people centered around me


boysen_bean t1_j2f6ccd wrote

Yup, i want it for everyone too, but i don’t have money to support every bookstore everywhere, so i choose to support the one close to me.


Fearless-Aerie-4721 t1_j2fkbf7 wrote

As a bookseller, my shop supports my community and a portion of profits go back into making our city a better place. I don’t “deserve money” from anyone but when people make the choice to support our shop it stays local, funds free programs, book giveaways and more, and helps our local economy. We work with local authors, nonprofits, and vendors as well giving them a platform.