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Iari_Cipher9 t1_j1vby55 wrote

Oathbringer is where my interest began to fade and I didn’t finish it. His writing style seems to change from book to book, and his methods in Oathbringer bored me.


NotSureWhyAngry t1_j1vflyf wrote

Oathbringer broke the spell for me but the first two books belong to my all time fantasy favourites. Still couldn’t get myself to read Rythm of War because of Oathbringer though….


Iari_Cipher9 t1_j1vpl9x wrote

Agreed. The first two books were phenomenal, though the first stands out for me as the best among the two. To continue in the series, an audio book might be the solution. Less effort to get through the parts that aren’t personally working, and the voice acting is excellent.