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CrawlTowardsBabylon t1_j1vhypm wrote

yeah i'd rather he just not mention it. The pandering makes it worse. Like we know what his actual beliefs are, we know BYU used to practice electroshock therapy on gay students. I'd rather he keep it entirely to himself. What he's done instead is weirdly grotesque in its logic.


i_am_covered t1_j1vnosh wrote

BYU did something horrible in the past. Sanderson shows that he supports LGBTQ+ people. But you think it’s… pandering? Interesting.


CrawlTowardsBabylon t1_j1vt4qr wrote

they still encourage students to snoop on and report any gayness they can.

he doesn't support anyone but the church, to which he pays millions in tithing money to maintain his premium membership and teaching post, and a chunk of his readership would ditch him if he was no longer in good standing with the church.

he's a bubbly fake piece of shit, the utah archetype.


Hammunition t1_j1xxky4 wrote

Either it is simply pandering and marketing. Or he doesn't actually believe in the teaching of his church and truly does support LGBTQ equality... yet still gives millions to the organization that is actively harming those groups.

It doesn't make sense in any way I can see.