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Dostojevskij1205 OP t1_j1vizw9 wrote

The annoying thing is that I do enjoy a lot of the books. And I feel invested in the story. But maybe an extended break. The Licanius trilogy has peaked my interest.


Griffen_07 t1_j1vmlwo wrote

Then go read that and see if you want to circle back to Sanderson. Sometimes you hit over saturation on a thing and need to clear your head. Others you just hit the limit of your tolerance for an author's quirks. Either way some distance will make it easier to judge. As you read more fantasy you may start drifting to a different style.


__babyslaughter__ t1_j1vuf1u wrote

One series I’ll always recommend is the Prince Of Nothing series.

It does have some hard magic systems explained, but not to the level of Sanderson. But it has much better characters, mostly all existing in a more gray morality. A well realized world, but with a more philosophical approach to story telling.

Probably my favorite modern fantasy. If it’s still considered modern


Dostojevskij1205 OP t1_j1vviux wrote

A philosophical approach to storytelling is halfway to selling me already.


__babyslaughter__ t1_j1vzlre wrote

If you do look into it, please avoid spoilers. The way they handle the main character is different than any fantasy I’ve read. And it’s amazing


Dostojevskij1205 OP t1_j1wn6mf wrote

I bought it and the first Malazan book. I'm excited to delve into the deep end!


TheRarebitFiend t1_j1vydfj wrote

I'm a Sanderson fan and I loved Licanius. I also think Stormlight Archives are probably the most difficult of his books to power through. There's considerable character development and lots of back in time sections to establish the issues the characters have. If I was to give anyone advice on reading Sanderson now it would be to read a Stormlight book then do a palatte cleanser with a different one of his books or something else entirely. I enjoy Sanderson in the same way I enjoy the MCU, it's fun, well put together, can be moving but it's NOT trying to be something highbrow, it's accessible, relatable and fun. But maybe not for everyone.


nkerwin1407 t1_j1w54o7 wrote

I think the Licanuis Trilogy is basically Brandon Sanderson-lite. I felt the same way your feeling about Brandon Sanderson after the first two books of the Licanius Trilogy.


Dostojevskij1205 OP t1_j1w77zc wrote

Aw, really?

Welp, guess I'm reading The Count of Monte Cristo or something then.