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TheChocolateMelted t1_j0lkw84 wrote

In no way do I mean to be rude or offensive or to blame you, but from what you've written, the book just isn't for you. And that's fine. This isn't to suggest you're stupid or don't get the book, just that, as you said, it doesn't work for you. It happens.

To properly answer your question: It may appear poorly written to you, but it didn't meet your needs or your expectations. But this doesn't make it poorly written for other readers. Other readers have loved it, as you've acknowledged. And it's quite possible that their enjoyment and ranking of the book, as well as the general reputation, gave you expectations too high to ever be met. As for the pacing? Expectations nearly forty years ago are different to current ones. Perfectly understandable if it now appears slow to you. It happens.

Hope you do find something that works for you.


greengerm t1_j0nagko wrote

So why downvote the post 💀


NocturnOmega t1_j0ppxfa wrote

I got you. I find simply asking questions on Reddit get you downvotes sometimes. It’s really annoying. I rarely ever downvote posts. I mean if someone’s being exceptionally awful or snotty, I might feel obliged, but simply disagreeing with someone doesn’t merit the negative action in my book.