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Bridalhat t1_j1zx7i0 wrote

I also hated Thetis in TSOA. I get the vibes, but she decides that the Myrmidons aren’t crying hard enough at Patroclus’s funeral in the Iliad and leads them to sob harder. She also took care of Hephaestus after Hera threw him off of Mt Olympus for being too ugly. She seems like a nice lady! But Patroclus was such a flat character Miller had to find a villain or an obstacle somewhere and landed on the few female characters.

ETA: I want to emphasize that I am ok with novel interpretations, but the women bore the worst of it in TSOA, and I think a more interesting story without Thetis as an outright villain the whole time could have been told. Like, at the end of the day, I just think it was kind of boring and the scope was extremely limited. Like, Patroclus’s funeral was a big deal in the Iliad, and Menelaus and Ajax risked their lives to get his body back, and many more men died for it. But I guess we just get a line about Patroclus helping Menelaus with his headaches?

Otoh the characters in the Iliad, after nearly dying to get the body back, would not have backed down when Pyrrhus says Patroclus’s name won’t be on the tomb. Whatever.


my-nips-hurt OP t1_j250wr9 wrote

This is really good to know. A lot of people have offered other suggestions or ones closer to the original epic, so I'm looking forward to seeing these characters and how they actually are.

Nice to know Thetis wasn't so bad and it is unfortunate she was painted this way. Also, even in Miller's interpretation, with how much Patroclus helped, I would have expected him to get more. Nice to know he did get the credit he deserved.