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Jenniferinfl t1_j1w7dd5 wrote

My reading resolution is simple, I'm allowed to only buy half of what I read.. lol

If I want to buy a book, I have to read two.

2022 I bought 30 more books than I read and I already had a decent back log. I don't mind having a pile of unread books, but, I also don't want it to grow to the point where it is daunting. Every few years I go ahead and have a year where I can only buy 1 for every 2 I read. Usually they end up being big reading years. The last time I did this, I read the equivalent of 300 regular fiction books.

I don't think I'll read quite that much this time, but, I'd like to reduce how many unread books sit on my shelves waiting for me.


QueenRooibos t1_j1y4xxo wrote

THIS is a GREAT idea -- I am going to try it too. I have allowed myself to buy way, way too many books and I need to read many more of the ones I already have. THANKS for the idea.


General-Ask-1227 t1_j1yrky1 wrote

Thanks for this. I've been buying books as well and the they're overwhelming me and putting me in a reading slump.


Remarkable_Winter540 t1_j22ug7s wrote

Pshh, just use a library for the other half, easy /j


Jenniferinfl t1_j23bw96 wrote

I do use the library a lot. But, I'm in a rural area and there is so much that just isn't available.



The equivalent of 300 regular fiction books? What were you reading that year?


Jenniferinfl t1_j2b3b88 wrote

Quite a bit of juvenile fiction and poetry books as well as short story collections. A lot of those are lighter on page count than a regular adult fiction book.

It was around 654 total books, but, probably around 300 regular books.



What an achievement!


Jenniferinfl t1_j2b9oj3 wrote

Thank you.

I doubt I'll ever read quite that many books in one year again. Partly because the remaining unread books are chonkers.. lol

Oh well, it was neat to do once. I do hope I hit around 100 this year so I can buy 50 books. But, we'll see.