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I love audiobooks. I listen to them to while i'm working, or driving, or playing video games (not all three of those at once of course), and they are a great way to consume stories. Some of these are of course higher quality than others. What's been the best one you've listened to? This can include what you thought of the story, but not just that. How was the voice acting, and editing, and maybe even sound effects?

For me, the best one I have listened to is called The Night Swim by Megan Goldin. It's a powerful about a true crime podcast host reporting on a >!rape!< trial. During the parts of the story where she is hosting her show, they actually make it sound like you're listening to a news podcast. There is even this one scene where she is playing a recording of someone she got off of her phone, and it sounds like it's sounds like a real recording, complete with the background noise. The whole thing felt more like a radio drama than a normal audio book.



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[deleted] t1_j29i54q wrote

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy read by Stephen Fry! Quintessential British humor is my favorite! Mr. Fry nails it.


blank_isainmdom t1_j29ownb wrote



The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy read by DOUGLAS ADAMS.

(Sorry Fry, I love you, and listen to a load of your audiobooks but you did a shit version of Hitchhikers)


[deleted] t1_j29pfhc wrote

I know!!! I heard the Mostly Harmless version by Douglas Adams, and that was AMAZING!!! I have never been able to find them, though. An old friend had the Adams version, but that was almost 20 years ago!

Edit: I still stand by Stephen Fry, though, I thought it was still really well done. But, I’m American, and simple minded… mostly.


blank_isainmdom t1_j29rgm3 wrote

Haha that's fair! Sure look, Stephen Fry narrates probably half the audiobooks i've bought, but listening to him emphasize things differently to Adams makes me very childish as i've listened to Adams repeatedly over the last 15 years. They were good friends too, which just irks me even more about it haha.


it_is_Karo t1_j29n89w wrote

I loved how Janette read her book "I'm glad my mom died". I don't know if I would enjoy the printed copy of this book as much as the audiobook.

"Black Cake" was also good - the descriptions were sometimes too long for me but I enjoyed how the dialogues were read in different voices and accents.


Boredom-Warrior t1_j29ok5k wrote

The Martian works great as an audio book.


Nearby_You t1_j29q7l7 wrote

Project hail mary even beter


hgaterms t1_j2bj1zu wrote

Project Hail Mary straight up won "Audiobook of the Year." It's that good. Ray Porter is the GOAT of narration.


Boredom-Warrior t1_j29sj9a wrote

I read that one on my kindle and loved it. Haven't started Artemis yet.


asosaki t1_j29xko8 wrote

I personally disagree. I feel like much of Project Hail Mary was so corny and the audiobook made it sound worse. It was still an enjoyable listen overall and I don't regret it, but I don't think the audiobook was great.


SNAiLtrademark t1_j2a1hie wrote

If you can find the one read by RC Bray, it's MUCH better than the Wil Wheaton version.


hgaterms t1_j2bj3t2 wrote

I had to scour my local libraries to find the CD version that was RC Bray.


TheAres1999 OP t1_j29rivn wrote

I listened to that one a few years back after having read it in high school. I like the idea that you are listening to the audio logs Mark left on Mars


Wynter_born t1_j29shvo wrote

The Sandman was more of an audio play complete with large cast, sound effects, and score. It was probably the most amazing audiobook production I've listened to, so immersive and I loved James McAvoy as Morpheus.

In terms of just audiobook, James Marsters did a fantastic job with the Dresden Files books. He IS Harry Dresden to me. He couldn't record one book due to other obligations and they got a fill-in - the contrast was so jarring fans demanded a re-recording with Marsters, and got one.


H__Dresden t1_j2a4nld wrote

Agree on the Dresden Files. Just finished the series again. I going to put Sandman on my list to get too.


dare69 t1_j2a4qn9 wrote

11.22.63 by Stephen King. Craig Wasson's narration is excellent.

Edit: I also loved Shantaram read by Humphrey Bower, his voice is perfect for the book.


TheAres1999 OP t1_j2a6boi wrote

I listened to that one about two years ago. Wow, hard to believe it's already been two years since December of 2020


ThatOtherOtherGuy3 t1_j2ds5ge wrote

It was so well narrated that the ending brought me some tears of joy. I’ve never experienced that from an audiobook before.


dare69 t1_j2efir9 wrote

I read or listen to this every now and then and the ending gets me every time.


satanicluju t1_j2aig4a wrote

Project Hail Mary is so good. I loved the Martian and was unsure about this book but it's damn awesome.

Also, the three body problem.


TheImposibleGrl t1_j2cx9hn wrote

Ooh, I just bought the three body problem as an audiobook, one, because the synopsis and two, I absolutely love Luke Daniels as a narrator.


satanicluju t1_j2fk6q3 wrote

I am a scientist and work on various space stuff. The three body was a pure delight because it wasn't too far fetched. I started reading we are legion and could not finish it because it is just sooo fictional. The three body is just more realistic and thrilling. I hope you love it.


IrishEv t1_j29xyns wrote

The first law series by Joe abercrombie read by Steven Pacey. The books are great fantasy novels and Pacey really gives each character a distinctive voice.

There is a character that is missing teeth and speaks with a lisp because of it but when he is thinking he has no lisp. Little things like that make it fantastic


Iforgetmyname2much t1_j2accyr wrote

Audiobooks are more difficult to listen too now, because of the gold standard these two have created.


ThatOtherOtherGuy3 t1_j2dskyq wrote

It’s so good it’s ruined other audiobooks for me because they pale in comparison


Ducea_ t1_j2aozei wrote

"Ith Severer" Abercrombie has perfected the art of the intriguing henchperson


ninasreddit t1_j2atlkl wrote

Surprised that I haven’t seen anyone say Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. One of the first audiobooks I listened to and it’s just amazing. Full cast too!


mahjimoh t1_j2bya59 wrote

Ooh, I’ll bet that would be good as an audiobook.


luo_bo t1_j2c1j22 wrote

Agreed! I loved the book, but haven’t listened to it. I’ve recommended to quite a few people and it was even more popular among those who listened to it opposed to those who read it


No-Strawberry-7657 t1_j2c4hg4 wrote

I came here to say this! That book feels like it was written to be an audiobook!


MisterBigDude t1_j2a170v wrote

I’m about 55 hours into Andy Serkis reading The Lord of the Rings. Terrific so far, but we’ll see how the final 10 hours go. 🙂


CC-5576-03 t1_j2axalp wrote

I just started the hobbit narrated by him, so good.


MrGMinor t1_j2b4uk6 wrote

That's mine as well. I've listened to it twice now.


That_Turn3520 t1_j2d1bbd wrote

I loved the trilogy. Andy Serkis is a phenomenal talent. The way he uses his voice for different characters makes it so immersive.

When I read the books I tended to skip over the songs and poems, they seemed self-indulgent to me, something that Tolkien loved, but a slog to read. But listening to Andy Serkis sing them really brought them to life. (Except the songs that Aragorn and Legolas sang for Boromir. That was too much.)


Darkseid_of_the_Moon t1_j29hv1s wrote

Piranesi - it’s a short listen, and Chiwetel Ejiofor has such a soothing storytelling voice.


Civil-Ad-9968 t1_j2cz5ee wrote

Lol, I found his voice a bit too soothing, since I always fell asleep after like 2 minutes 😅


blank_isainmdom t1_j29qg57 wrote

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy read by Douglas Adams. And Dirk Gently the Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul, read by Douglas Adams are my two favorites. I have listened to them easily a hundred times each.

On the non-Douglas Adams side, i absolutely adored Samuel West reading The Day of the Triffids. Listened to it probably 15 times. Indira Varma did an amazing job of reading the Witches books of Terry Pratchett. And Kristin Atherton did an amazing job of reading Howl's Moving Castle!


Civil-Ad-9968 t1_j2cyqr2 wrote

Indira Varma is great at reading Pride and Prejudice too. Her Mr Bennett is so funny/on point.


blank_isainmdom t1_j2d3soc wrote

I will check it out! I wasn't familiar with her before, but I went out and bought all the Witches books first because she was so damn good!


enhydraunicorn t1_j29oojw wrote

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. Not only is his story incredible but he is an amazing voice actor.


CrossingGarter t1_j2a5te0 wrote

Lincoln in the Bardo. It's more of an audio play than a traditional audiobook and has about around 100 voice actors in it, but it's amazing. I've listened to it about 5 times and always hear something new.


dwkdnvr t1_j2a4f6q wrote

The Locked Tomb series by Tamsyn Muir, read by Moira Quirk. Absolutely first-rate narration of a series that isn't entirely straightforward in it's presentation.


Spooky-Mama111 t1_j2blsjh wrote

Yes!! Also loved Princess Floralinda and the Forty Flight Tower. I just want Moira Quirk to narrate my life tbh.


Takodanachoochoo t1_j2aacld wrote

I really enjoy listening to David Sedaris reading any of his books. He's great with imitation. I loved Colin Jost's A Very Punchable Face too.


Mister_Sosotris t1_j29jurm wrote

I loved the Audible version of David Copperfield narrated by Richard Armitage!


TheAres1999 OP t1_j29l4dm wrote

My best friend read that book in 7th grade, and he hated it. It has been ten years, and he is still salty about it. I imagine audio book form would make it more palatable


Mister_Sosotris t1_j29ltk1 wrote

It’s definitely something that works well in audio since so many characters are so outrageous and have such distinctive ways of talking.


menlyn t1_j2cctvu wrote

I was going to post this myself. Amazing novel, but the narration is out of this world.


Srynaive t1_j29tyfb wrote

Discworld audiobooks are very good and very funny.

World War Z is also a great audiobook. Lots of different actors doing the narration.


mahjimoh t1_j2bylm1 wrote

Came here to include World War Z in my list. Listening to that vs reading it was a completely different experience.


dustyceilingfan t1_j2a4uwn wrote

Huckleberry Fin narrated by Elijah Wood was pretty good. He did all the different accents really well.

Project Hail Mary also very entertaining.


C00lerking t1_j2bh3sx wrote

I saw him in an interview talking about how much he struggled with the “N” word in that reading. I can imagine the concern of hurting/angering others but also, it was a book of a certain time so he really had to leave it in.

Yes, great reading.


dustyceilingfan t1_j2bi146 wrote

Yes. I wondered about that because there are a lot of them and Elijah did not spare the hard R. It's not only that the book is of a different time, Mark Twain was writing true to characters. The characters in his story would absolutely use those words.


hgaterms t1_j2bjia9 wrote

Project Hail Mary is amazing. I've listened to it twice now.


marborne t1_j2bo4xt wrote

The Murderbot novellas ... Excellent books read by the perfect reader


aotus76 t1_j2c1i1b wrote

Kevin R. Free does a phenomenal job! He really conveys the sarcasm and dry humor of Murderbot.


eregis t1_j29zvt1 wrote

I really enjoyed the Bossypants audiobook by Tina Fey, read by her.


acfox13 t1_j2abvjq wrote

I recently listened to Mel Brooks' "All About Me!". If you're a fan of his work, it's worth a listen. I liked hearing his stories in his voice.


HauntedReader t1_j29gevt wrote

The Raven Cycle books were narrated by Will Patton and that highly impacted my love for them. There is something really enjoyable and comforting about his voice and it's just lovely to listen to.

I know he's started to narrate a bunch of Stephen King books so I'm going to check them out next year once I finish my TBR audiobook list


Davidstarr86 t1_j29jhqg wrote

Will Patton is amazing! He really brings Stephen King's Bill Hodges Trilogy to life!


dexterthekilla t1_j29k3d0 wrote

The Silmarillion. Read by Martin Shaw.


TheAres1999 OP t1_j29kzcp wrote

That sounds like a great book to have read to you. I will put it on my list


Meszamil_M t1_j2aikg0 wrote

Oh wow I had no idea this was a thing! I grew up on the abridged tapes of the Hobbit read by Shaw and I can’t wait to dive back in to middle earth with him.


IntelligentListen497 t1_j29obfz wrote

The Glass Castle. It’s a memoir read by the author. I still have her beautiful voice in my head.


bayou225 t1_j29ucw4 wrote

It was a long time ago, but Tuesdays with Morrie was great. It was sad at times.


indistrustofmerits t1_j2aid0g wrote

All time favorites are the Dark Tower audiobooks. And then one weird one I loved is Paul Giamatti reading A Scanner Darkly.


The_Duke_528 t1_j2aqend wrote

Dungeon crawler Carl is the only one I've come across that is a must listen. Prefer reading over listening but the story truly comes to life.


kdubstep t1_j2b17l4 wrote

David Sedaris Me Talk Pretty One Day


Weavingknitter t1_j2c5181 wrote

The Help.

Any book at all narrated by George Guidall.

Any book at all narrated by Frank Muller. Right now, I'm listening to Great Expectations.

What I like about Guidall and Muller so much is that they don't act out the book, and they don't just read it, they are somewhere in between. I think that they are fabulous! I dislike it when the narrator fully acts out the book - I don't want the narrator's performance, I want the author's work. Anyway, Guidall and Muller (to me) hit the perfect pitch when reading.

The Discovery of Witches trilogy was really good.

There are sooooooooooo many audio books now, it's really hard to list my faves! I always have a book going.


PlantLadyB t1_j29u5e4 wrote

Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson. Simply amazing.


DarwinZDF42 t1_j2aie9k wrote

Kramer and Reading are awesome, but people should also check out the graphic audio versions.


TBizzle123 t1_j29ziph wrote

I loved the mistborn audio books, I listened to the graphic audio version and they were amazing. The stormlight archive was a different experience for me though, it just felt very drawn out and never really grabbed my interest. I got through all the current books but didn't love them personally.


gabal t1_j2b57wd wrote

Alloy of Law is the best audiobook I listened to. Kramer does a great job with Wayne, a character who is great at disguising and uses accents to trick people. He apsolutely nailed that part in audiobook.


That_Turn3520 t1_j2d1mcq wrote

I enjoyed the first one, but geez, they are long. The plot didn’t move fast enough for me in audiobook format.


weequay1189 t1_j29xia2 wrote

A Life on Air: Memoirs of a BroadcasterBy Sir David AttenboroughRead by the Author

Theres just something about it. Between his voice, the adventures he went on to film his documentaries, his descriptions of the natural world, to the history of television from someone who worked in it from the very early days its a story of 90 years of a life well lived.


letothegodemperor t1_j2aamfj wrote

The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. There’s 3 volumes out now and they are absolutely fantastic. Definitely the best I’ve listened to.


Amzuja t1_j2coiyd wrote

I’ve been idly curious about this since seeing it on audible… how do you make a comic into an audiobook? Do they describe the panels? Is extra stuff added to explain bits that you’ll miss by not seeing them? How does it work??


letothegodemperor t1_j2cosqr wrote

Kind of a bit of both. Neil Gaiman voices a “narrator” with the characters each being voiced by different actors. So Gaiman fills in the gaps that would be left empty without panels.

Listen to some of the previews, or check out the first few series and then listen to volume 1 after. It’s truly incredible how they added another layer to an already amazing piece of work.


Amzuja t1_j2cownm wrote

Thank you for saying my curiosity! I’m hit or miss with Gaiman, but it sounds interesting and I think I’ll definitely listen to a preview or two. Thanks!


letothegodemperor t1_j2cp023 wrote

You’re welcome! I’m a bit biased as I’ve loved the Sandman for years, but I’ve known others who had only listened to the audible and adored them


Steve8Brawler t1_j2anoy9 wrote

All the King's' Men read by Michael Emerson.

I have written one piece of "fan mail" in my life. It was to Mr. Emerson after listening to this performance. He even wrote me back and said it was one of the most intense/exhausting performances he's done.


BinstonBirchill t1_j2ao64i wrote

The Violent Bear it Away by Flannery O’Connor


Grinning_Sisyphus t1_j2b4e5d wrote

Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis read by Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s incredible


TheAres1999 OP t1_j2bn10w wrote

I didn't know Benjamin Cadogan narrated audiobooks. He has the strong voice for it


JustoKeepoSwimming t1_j2b5716 wrote

Harry Dresden series read by James (?) Masters… takes his time I think very well done


kippertimes t1_j2bg3q8 wrote

My 1st audiobook is probably my favourite as it was like a play with different actors reading for the different characters- World War Z by Max Brooks. Quite different from the movie


rpangrazio t1_j2bqjzy wrote

I am a big audio book fan. As such I actually have a couple of favorite narrators. Tim Gerard Reynolds and R C Bray. Look up the Ryeria books for Reynolds. And Bray did the Martian. But I really like the Expeditionary Force books.


Trick-Two497 t1_j29j7gc wrote

The Traveling Cat Chronicles (but do not drive during the last portion of the book).

Playing with Myself is funny and charming.


KobaruLCO t1_j29khdq wrote

Pilgrim by Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Lovely series about a man cursed with immortality by the Fae Queen, exploring British fairy tales in a modern world setting.


salty-hubbub t1_j29q3st wrote

I really loved to listen to The Outsider from S. King.


20above t1_j29rran wrote

My favorite audiobook is Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern. Very hilarious narration. I have listened to that so many times when I’m feeling down.


rockiiroad t1_j29zb2f wrote

I LOVED Springsteen’s Born to Run, read by him. I’m only a casual fan but this book had me hooked. He’s a wonderful storyteller, and at the end of the 20+ (!) hours I felt like I was losing a friend!


VTtransplant t1_j2a0e7e wrote

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom


nizanator t1_j2a1dw7 wrote

Autobiography of Malcolm X - Laurence Fishburne's narration is second to none!


IchooseWisely t1_j2a6rho wrote

Gene Wilder Kiss Me Like A Stranger- he reads it. Always love when the author reads the books


nFogg t1_j2aakzk wrote

The Witcher series read by Peter Kenny is amazing


partytown_usa t1_j2agu23 wrote

Jeremy Irons did the reading for both Brideshead Revisited and Lolita (since he was in mini series/movie adaptions of those works).

His voice and inflection matched with writing of that quality is completely engrossing. Would highly recommend.


muralist t1_j2behxe wrote

Came here to say this....and that being said, I'd probably find myself gripped listening to him read the instructions on a can of paint!


Abject_Class4121 t1_j2ah29b wrote

The graphic audio version of both Elantris and the Emperor's Soul


EmploymentAbject4019 t1_j2ahjta wrote

The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins. Way better than the movie.


DarwinZDF42 t1_j2ai8ss wrote

The Rivers of London series. Just a delight. And someone else mentioned James Marsters doing Dresden Files, that’s second place for me.


girlsthataregolden t1_j2aj4ns wrote

The audiobook which genuinely sends a shiver down my spine is The woman in black. Great halloween listen.


Nail_Biterr t1_j2ajz9o wrote

The Stench of Honolulu, read by Jack Handy. It's like hours long Deep Thoughts.


uncl3ben t1_j2ajzbb wrote

Atomic Habits by James Clear (Best self-improvement book I've read)


br0sandi t1_j2ald1q wrote

Born a Crime, read by Trevor Noah


i_want_carbs t1_j2anas8 wrote

The Guest List was great as an audiobook. Each chapter has a different POV character and each character has its own dedicated narrator. It made it easy to feel like you were in each character’s individual mind


keeper_of_the_cheese t1_j2ao40w wrote

The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece by Jonathan Harr.


therealdmj t1_j2aoo3q wrote

Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. I wish Jeremy Northam narrated more audiobooks.

It’s that or Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.


Difficult-Albatross7 t1_j2asppj wrote

To Kill a Mockingbird read by Sally Darling(I hear the Sissy Spacek version is great too) was so well done. Also love the Grapes of Wrath read by John Chancer.


LilyDaze10 t1_j2auu8w wrote

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

It's a phenomenal experience being immersed into this story by the storyteller's voice.


hawkdeath t1_j2av4u8 wrote

One I haven't seen mentioned:

Pet Semetary read by Michael C Hall


CC-5576-03 t1_j2awwb7 wrote

I'm currently listening the Andy Serkis narration of the hobbit, it's excellent


EbolaGrant t1_j2axzmv wrote

It by Stephen King and The Wheel of Time


ABQWrite t1_j2az1j0 wrote

By Hands Now Known.


OnetB t1_j2az9hw wrote

Lee Horsley’s narration of Lonesome Dove. I consider it the greatest audiobook of all time.


Humble_Artichoke5857 t1_j2b1nl8 wrote

The Power by Naomi Alderman as an audiobook was great, imo.

The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough, because Australians, duh.

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky was superb as an audiobook and made commuting much more interesting.


JustoKeepoSwimming t1_j2b63z7 wrote

I also loved Three mages and a margarita Series Really well done and great story


Crackerjackford t1_j2b6klg wrote

I listened to an undead Star Wars book, can’t remember the name but the sound effects were phenomenal.


Crackerjackford t1_j2b6peh wrote

Lord of the Rings. Multiple actors, sound effects and an orchestra.


Equaks7 t1_j2b72fu wrote

The Stand was great, but Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (especially if you can listen to it in a region in the middle of winter as many are right now) is amazing


GroundbreakingLemon t1_j2bcfmu wrote

Satanic Verses was incredible, and one where having it read with the accents and cadence was so much better than what my brain would have been able to come up with.

Neil Gaiman reading his own books is always a delight. Ocean at the End of the Lane and Neverwhere are two particular favorites.

Ulysses was one I probably wouldn’t have made it through if I wasn’t going the audio route, and it was performed beautifully.

The full Sherlock Holmes set read by Stephen Fry was wonderful, and also a great bang for your buck because it counts as 1 book.

If you’re up for a long haul and into that sort of thing, the Wheel of Time books are great on audio.


trisdacunha t1_j2bcpmh wrote

I enjoyed Paul Giamatti reading A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick


GumGuts t1_j2bdsx2 wrote

The Guns of August. Great narration and fascinating topic. I breezed through it.


egardiner14 t1_j2bfbea wrote

If you enjoy fantasy I’d highly recommend the first law trilogy by joe Abercrombie. Steven Lacey narrates it and his phenomenal


chokingduck t1_j2bgm2u wrote

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeymoon as narrated by Cathleen McCarron. Her accent paired with this novel is perfect.


AdmirableEggplant919 t1_j2bh3b9 wrote

The Storyteller, Dave Grohl’s memoir was my favorite listen this year


fish44banana t1_j2bo3qj wrote

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shafer and Annie Barrows. Narrated by Paul Boehmer, Susan Duerden, Rosalyn Landor, John Lee, and Juliet Mills.

It's written as a series of letters among a group of old and new friends post World War II.


OutlandishnessSea822 t1_j2bpbnj wrote

The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series read by Lisette Lecat. She has a lovely, interesting voice. And it helped me with the correct pronunciation of the towns and names


Deadwithoutcoffe t1_j2btooi wrote

My plain Jane is about a girl who is the kings cousin but gasp there's treason, and Jane is now on the throne. Her cousin Mary tries to take it, and Jane gets it back. It's historic fiction and fantasy with a great narrator also its a series


Doghouse509 t1_j2burp5 wrote

The Exorcist read by the author William Peter Blatty. It was a 40th anniversary edition recorded in 2011. Even though Blatty was over 80, he gives a wonderful performance reading the book.


Diamond600 t1_j2bwc9s wrote

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir is one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever listened to.


mahjimoh t1_j2bz1bf wrote

City of Thieves by David Benioff is a great book, and the audiobook version read by Ron Perlman is outstanding.


CryptographerSoft740 t1_j2cdp2b wrote

This is going to be a super unpopular opinion but my guilty pleasure is listening to the alchemist on Spotify. I don’t make it past the first 30 minutes. It puts me to sleep everytime. I’m scared to read the actual book because I don’t want this experience ruined for me.


Crendrik t1_j2cexbw wrote

I really liked the audiobook of Red Rising read by Tim Gerard Reynolds. The sequels were quite good too!


xPennywiseQueenx t1_j2cgcgy wrote

I don't listen to a lot of Audio books. But The Green Mile by Stephen King is by far one of my favorites.


Tag-sibol t1_j2cgf40 wrote

The Atlas Six (Olivie Blake)

The Storyteller (Dave Grohl)


TheImposibleGrl t1_j2cxdgl wrote

I love Six of Crows, the multiple narrators really makes a difference


Educational-Emu9138 t1_j2des57 wrote

The Boys in the Boat, read by the grandpa from Gilmore Girls! I listen once a year, it’s so soothing and an amazing story.


prettyeyesintheEST t1_j2dfn5z wrote

I love anything narrated by Julia Whelan. For laugh out loud books, the Finlay Donovan series is great.


erikal26826 t1_j2dnabb wrote

i quite liked listening to Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of the Universe. Lin Manuel Miranda narrated it, and it was overall and enjoyable experience :)


ilikedirt t1_j2ds34n wrote

I do most of my non-fiction in audiobook form and my favorites are An Immense World by Ed Yong, A Promised Land by Barack Obama, and Together by Vivek Murthy


ThatOtherOtherGuy3 t1_j2dsfjb wrote

The Dungeon Crawler Carl series is so perfectly done I have to give it a shoutout.


SleepingOrTired t1_j2dvm5f wrote

Running the Light by Sam Tallent

Each chapter was read by a different comic.


CarobExtension7923 t1_j2dyfdy wrote

The best audiobook I’ve listened to is “You can’t hurt me” by David Goggins. The bonus was the 15-20 minute chat after every chapter by David himself. The book touches upon many social issues we face today including racism and spousal abuse. He also uses a lot of foul language and he is very unapologetic for this as he faced a lot of crap in his life. It’s not for everyone, while I loved it , my wife did not so just a warning. If you are a runner or a triathlete, you will love this.


SiggySwift t1_j2dywnb wrote

Anything at all narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Redding!! The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan was my first intro to them and they’re a gold standard for me now. They also do many of Brandon Sanderson’s books.

I also was very impressed with Davina Porter’s performance of the Outlander series written by Diana Gabaldon. She had a knack for making her male gender voices NOT sound ridiculous, and I could actually hear the distinct differences between her male characters. Not to mention there’s a whole host of accents for her to master. Very impressive.


WasabiCrush t1_j2e28zn wrote

Into Thin Air read by Krakauer


not_today_satan_mayb t1_j2e52oi wrote

I like just about anything read by Stephen Fry or Wil Wheaton

But my top books are

Project Hail Mary

The Martian

Hitchhikers guid to the galaxy

And Dune but I would like to say with dune it kinda sucks because they don’t read the other books with the same narrators but dune was great


hazypineapple t1_j2e76ls wrote

I thoroughly enjoyed the Outlander series. Davina Porter is an amazing narrator and really makes each of the characters feel individual