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Talmor t1_j296f24 wrote

For me, it depends. "Cop hooks up with sibling of the victim" drives me up the damn wall. "Out of town PI hired by sister hooks up with local deputy while they investigate the case together"--yeah, I'm ok with that.

But I'm only "ok" with it--I'm here for the mystery and the twists and turns, not the romance. If they need to have it, at least try to keep it somewhat reasonable and ethical, at least.


candlehand t1_j2a1dgr wrote

I think the key that makes your example work is that the romantic partners can't be a victim of the tragedy that is currently occuring.


zebediah49 t1_j2atw9y wrote

Can the twists and turns be the cop and PI missing or breaking something important due to being "distracted", and then totally screwing the case up by turning it into a coverup while they try to avoid getting in trouble?

The nominal mystery is solved in boring fashion half-way through because it was actually simple, and the actual plot is now whether or not those two are going to get caught and charged for their gross negligence?