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freeeeels t1_j29th41 wrote

I haven't read the book OP is talking about but "I'm in a stressful situation, I'm running at peak anxiety every waking moment - a bit of sex sounds like a welcome distraction" sounds like reasonable human behaviour?


candlehand t1_j2a3g26 wrote

Different strokes (huehuehue) for different folks.

If I or my wife just learned a family member was missing we would not be in a sexy mood, so the example given seems pretty alien to me.


Traditional_Lead_97 t1_j29x81l wrote

I'm not talking about this specific book I'm talking about how romance is talked about in this sub which is almost always negative.


yazzy1233 t1_j2a837c wrote

It is. Some people can't have sex in a stressful situation while others use sex as a way to de-stress.


lapsangsouchogn t1_j2aow93 wrote

I read one years ago where this couple was imprisoned for several hours, and had one chance to escape - when the guards go on that long awaited 10 minute break. That's when the author queued up a 6 page sex scene instead of the escape. So awful I threw the book away.


mollycoddles t1_j2a313g wrote

God forbid characters blow off some steam together!