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Jenniferinfl t1_j259w9c wrote

Around 2200 books, rough estimate, mostly juvenile fiction, vintage picture books, vintage dog/horse books.

I worked in the youth/teen sections of a public library for years and most of my collection is from then when I used to do readers advisory and add a lot of my own books to the library collection.

I went back to school and quit library work and now I'm sort of at an impasse with my collection.

I still very much love juvenile fiction. Like, my spouse bought me Elephant and Piggie books for Christmas because I adore a good picture book.

My kid is 12 now and was never into kids books- she was reading teen fiction years ago.


clockworkdance t1_j25nm9q wrote

>mostly juvenile fiction, vintage picture books, vintage dog/horse books.

We are now best friends.


Jenniferinfl t1_j25oudo wrote

Lol, are you also a hoarder of the Grosset Dunlap famous dog/ horse stories?


clockworkdance t1_j25qjr2 wrote

I do have a few floating around here! I don't run across them that often but I know I've picked up The Sorrel Stallion (who is clearly bay or buckskin on this dust jacket, what is happening) and Cinchfoot: The Story of a Range Horse in recent months. Haven't read them yet though. (edit: oh! and Bluegrass Champion, which I definitely have; I love Dorothy Lyons)


Jenniferinfl t1_j25sgh6 wrote

I run into them rarely. I don't have that many yet because I've sort of been making myself find them in person. At some point I may just cave and buy them online.

I haven't read all of mine either, some of them the bindings are pretty weak where I feel like even a single read through will be the end of them.