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Griffen_07 t1_j2ajbr0 wrote

Disney is the default reason. They have done everything possible to protect the Mouse. The moment Steam Boat Wiley, the first appearance of Mickey, hit the public domain they made it the animation studio trademark.


AlonnaReese t1_j2c68cf wrote

It wasn't just Disney. Europe also played a significant role because they had longer copyright terms than the US did. For example, the UK was using the life of the author +50 rule when American copyright was still a fixed term of 28 years. There was pressure from the EU for the US to extend its copyright length in order to harmonize with Europe.


PaxNova t1_j2annk5 wrote

It's been over seventy years, and still the public only wants sequels. /s


Maycrofy t1_j2axxxl wrote

Because the fucking mouse


richg0404 t1_j2b5wgq wrote

From the article: Movies Entering the Public Domain London After Midnight (now a lost film; directed by Tod Browning)

Finally I can "discover" the copy that my great grandfather stole from the talkie theater he used to work for.


mikemdp t1_j2e0n9a wrote

Disney is one reason, but it was mostly Sonny Bono doing a solid for his Hollywood pals.


prjindigo t1_j29u4ql wrote

(laughs violently for a while)