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I'm genuinely curious because while her books do have some problematic plot points and characters, there are a lot of other authors whose books fall on the "taboo" side too. Recently, I've seen entire YouTube videos titled "Books with -insert problematic trope-" and people seem to eat it up.

With CoHo though, it seems that there is just so much more hatred and venom. I've enjoyed some of her books since 2012 because I related to some characters, while other books by her were just downright bad. Mostly though, I read a ton of fiction and fantasy. It's my favorite hobby and people who knew me throughout school and at work know this. They didn't like reading back then but found it cool that I did.

When I talk to these same people now, who started reading through tiktok, excited that we now have a new common interest, things start getting weird when I mention that I like some Coho books. They just go off and call me a fake and uneducated reader who "needs to read another book". Then begin a long rant about how all CoHo fans must be uneducated or brainwashed. I don't know, I feel like their comments are no longer criticizing the problems in the work, but the readers themselves for finding enjoyment in it.

So why is Colleen Hoover this much more divisive?



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Mrereren t1_j62ujem wrote

People consider CoHo to be a writer for people who don't read books. Her writting is pretty bad and she can't create realistic characters and dialogue for the life of her. But probably the worst thing about her is the normalisation of abuse in relationships. Bad writting is normal and common, but the way she romaticizes abuse is not. Anyone who has read better books can see this but younger people who have only started reading (and unfortunately often get recommended CoHo by her oblivious fans) might not notice that there is something wrong.


That-Soup3492 t1_j62yxdi wrote

Her sudden and extreme popularity thanks to opaque algorithmic recommendations doesn't help either. There are plenty of bad authors and plenty of problematic authors, but they generally aren't getting weirdly glowing TikTok endorsements, Instagram posts, etc., etc.

A few years ago, it was Sarah J. Maas.


CitrinetheQueen t1_j6338kf wrote

And before that fifty shades and before that sparkly vampires


ArcadiaRivea t1_j63bjte wrote

I remember hearing something about 50 Shades being a Twilight fan fiction (or based on one)


cantonic t1_j64ry9f wrote

Yes, it started out as a Twilight sequel of some sort that became very popular on whatever fanfic site she was on. That formed the basis of 50 Shades. She changed enough things to be disconnected from Twilight and fleshed out the idea into 50 Shades, apparently.


ArcadiaRivea t1_j65jxdy wrote

Ah, thank you! I couldn't remember any specifics, just that fact!


SAYARIAsayaria t1_j637oc6 wrote

>A few years ago, it was Sarah J. Maas.

I thought she was a good writer. What is the problem with her? Also please do not immediately downvote me. I have no ill intentions.


Wingkirs t1_j63esq9 wrote

People have problems with her age differences and romanization of what they perceive as abusive relationships targeted at teens. (Dubcon/ coercion)

As far as her prose- I’d say she’s very average.


SAYARIAsayaria t1_j63ic6x wrote

Oh that is very problematic. I would frown on that. Thank you for telling me that.

Hmmm, and on prose, I see.


Cjwithwolves t1_j66fz6x wrote

I still love SJM. But I'm an adult that can separate what I'm reading from reality so.... I'm still having a good time.


SAYARIAsayaria t1_j66x4xc wrote

I want to have a good time too, and I do my best to be careful.


GrassStartersSuck t1_j66046z wrote

I read one book by her and thought she was the worst writer I had ever read


zedatkinszed t1_j6csilm wrote

>I thought she was a good writer.

Her writing/prose is appalling. Her word choice is bizarre. Her grammar and syntax are awful. Her writing is genuinely the strangest I have ever come across apart from Dan Brown (she is better than him though).

Her romanticization of SA and rape is just repulsive. Her stuff is basically a 50 Shades of Fae but worse on every conceivable level.

I'd say she's a very strange writer.


SAYARIAsayaria t1_j6g8rj0 wrote

Damn. That is incredibly condemning. Thank you btw. And now I feel strange. I used to enjoy Dan Brown books :(


sunnywatermelon18 OP t1_j64s9tv wrote

That makes sense now! When I read her older books in 2012, it was almost impossible to find them at a local bookstore. Now there are entire table displays in Target, Barnes and Noble, etc. It is definitely different and overwhelming.


JeanVicquemare t1_j64myfj wrote

>People consider CoHo to be a writer for people who don't read books

similar to how Rupi Kaur is a poet for people who don't read poetry.


hippopup t1_j644re3 wrote

This really concerns me. My teen is in a relationship with a girl who eats these books up. It was clear early on that she's toxic. To be fair, she's just a kid and it sounds like she might be getting some bad ideas.


Mrereren t1_j64l0ut wrote

Do you think you could talk with your kid about that realationship? If it was obvious early on that she's toxic I'd be concerned as well. Probably talking about what a healthy relationship looks like and how to recognise when you're being mistreated would be a good start.


hippopup t1_j66eehu wrote

Oh for sure! We talk about what's healthy and not healthy in a relationship, while trying not to tip him off that we are talking about her (don't want them to dig in their heels because the parents are trying to break up truuuueee looooove). Teenagers are exhausting


Rilenaveen t1_j653vr0 wrote

Well said! Heck I enjoy certain “bad writers” but the moment you normalize abuse? Hell no!


vagueposter t1_j69c6ca wrote

I remember reading some of her work and channeling the

"That's not how that works... That's not how ANY of that works" lady


greengerm t1_j65egxy wrote

I mean youre saying people are idiots for reading in this statement just because they enjoy something that you dont. This subreddit is so annoying lol


littleteacup77 t1_j632ioa wrote

From what I’ve gathered is that she’s not a very good writer but is also one of the most popular writers right now because of tik tok. Her books are front and centre on displays in book stores, she’s on the bestseller list etc. I think that normally when a writer is mediocre/bad and not very popular most people just let them be but when they get to this level of fame, they are bound to be scrutinized and people will talk shit about them.


headinthetreesnowher t1_j657rny wrote

uh tones of mediocre authors make it! eg twilight


littleteacup77 t1_j658w3n wrote

Stephanie Meyer got a lot of hate back in the day as well, maybe even more than Colleen Hoover tbh


Reneeisme t1_j68n9qx wrote

For ostensively the same reason but in my opinion, Colleen Hoover is worse. I’ve read two. I read the first because it was everywhere and on lots of lists and it was horrible. Badly written badly plotted with terrible characters. I read the second in case the first was a fluke. Nope. I read Twilight for the same reason (it’s popularity) and also thought it was far from good, and the plot was also problematic at times (having to do with the creeper Edwards treatment of Bella mostly) but I could at least appreciate what teen girls liked about it. There was at least a story there.

I seriously do not understand who is loving Colleen Hoover. She writes psychopaths who victimize others and then have sex. There’s some abuse or murder and more sex and then it’s over. Who is enjoying this? If you’re there for the erotica, there are way better ways to get it.


Bergenia1 t1_j66hrbw wrote

Twilight was ridiculed mercilessly for being so crappy. Now it's Coho's turn.


SquartMcCorn t1_j6ac3ct wrote

I’ve even heard her touted affectionately as “CoHoo”


xojan t1_j62z2yj wrote

Personally, I am not her marketed audience and I don’t care for her writing style. Yes, her writing is mediocore at best. Yes, there are better writers out there. Yes, her works do normalise toxic relationships and a lot is marketed as being ‘romantic’. However, I am not gonna shit on people reading it. We all started somewhere and these snobs are the ones who don’t care for literature but more of being ‘not like others’. Leave them and you enjoy what you enjoy as these things come in cycle. Twilight, grey and now her…it’s always going round and round.


jawnbaejaeger t1_j62ve71 wrote

CoHo is not really my style at all, but that being said:

Lots of female readers enjoy her work, and people just fucking LOVE shitting all over ANYTHING women like or take pleasure in.

Anyone who's calling you "fake and uneducated" for the crime of fucking reading popular fiction can get fucked themselves. There's no reward for reading "deeper" books. Shitting all over what people enjoy in an attempt to make themselves feel important for their supposedly more "advanced" tastes is asshole behavior.

Read what you like, enjoy what you like. There's no prize at the end of any of this.


AtraMikaDelia t1_j63hfec wrote

> Lots of female readers enjoy her work, and people just fucking LOVE shitting all over ANYTHING women like or take pleasure in.

This doesn't make any sense, because the people hating on these books are also women. You'd be hard pressed to find many men who had an opinion on these books at all.


CallynDS t1_j63re2d wrote

Imagine living in a world where only men like shitting on things that women take pleasure in. That would be a nicer world, but it's not our world.


AtraMikaDelia t1_j63s01p wrote

So then why do things like Ready Player One also get hated on by the same groups of people? There's no gender bias to it, or at least not much of it, people just tend to hate on books that get too popular. And that really goes for everything, not just books.


CallynDS t1_j640uii wrote

I don't think that they're getting hated on by the same groups of people or to the same degree. It's more similar to the hate that Twilight got, which was way out of proportion for the hate it deserved and was primarily because it was a book directed at young women.


jawnbaejaeger t1_j647p9l wrote

If only internalized misogyny and women hating each other in an effort to make themselves "not like other girls" weren't a thing.


ladygoodgreen t1_j63e9b4 wrote

Love this. Someone else in the thread said they are known as “books for people who don’t read books” and to me, that’s such a snotty, condescending concept. It’s baffling that people spend their time - their valuable, non-renewable time - thinking such shitty thoughts about things and people that don’t even actually affect them.


goldrynsruby t1_j639z72 wrote

Say it louder for the people in the back! 👏🏻People think they’re being “trendy” and honestly, it’s not, it’s annoying. Let people like what they like without making them feel less than. Reading is good for your mind no matter what it is.


petereeflea t1_j63sqbo wrote

Enjoy whatever the hell you like, scream it from rooftops, how much you love it. I agree you should enjoy whatever you want. I'll support anyone who reads these abysmal books, and that seem to enjoy enjoy them. Ī

But, it's never going to hide the fact that she is just awful at being a writer. And, while there are massive amounts of people screaming from rooftops about this fantastic author, people who pick up the book, and are unable to read it due to how awful it is, are going to, as is their right, personal opinions and all that, scream right back at the people claiming it's so great, that it was absolutely bloody terrible.

Because they are. They are some of the worst books ever written. And, I frequently read AO3. Let that sink in, I read from people who write on AO3, and couldn't read more than two pages from Colleen Hoover.

I tell everyone I can how horrible her books are, because you should always have both sides being told, and while she has so many people blinded by the worst writing I've ever read, and singing her praises, people need to know about all the others who were struggling with bleeding brains after reading the awfulness of her stories.


llama_raptor89 t1_j64iwkv wrote

Agree completely. if people like her, good for them. They should be able to enjoy her books.

But I tried to read a couple chapters of one of her books and it truly gave 50 shades a run for it’s money on worst writing I’ve ever seen.


goldrynsruby t1_j63tpd7 wrote

There’s nothing wrong with people not liking an author. Everyone can have an opinion. What I have a problem with is making people feel bad for liking something. Same bs with people hating on Taylor Swift. And everyone’s on the TS train right now but back during the Kanye era ppl jumped off that train real quick. Sorry, I went off on a tangent there.


petereeflea t1_j650jvz wrote

If you like something, if you love something, like it with pride, love it with pride. Who cares what other people say, you can't demand someone not have an opinion or voice their opinion, because it hurts your feelings. If something makes you happy, why would you care what anyone else says or thinks? I have never understood that way of thinking.

Stop stamping your foot, and demanding that everyone has to agree with everything you think and say. You aren't two, and no they don't.

You're responsible for your feelings, if you feel bad because someone said Colleen Hoover is awful, that's on you. Because you don't think she is awful, and your opinion is the most important opinion to you. So why would it matter to you if other people think she is awful? You have zero power over someone else's thoughts, feelings, and words. You only have power over how you respond.


goldrynsruby t1_j651086 wrote

I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying and that’s ok 😉


petereeflea t1_j6523da wrote

I understand exactly what you mean. You expect people to never voice a bad word about everything you enjoy, because it makes you feel bad. What part of that am I not understanding? 😀


llama_raptor89 t1_j66l1cj wrote

I mean, there’s a difference between someone saying “I don’t like Colleen Hoover and think her writing is bad” and saying “you’re stupid because you like Colleen Hoover.” One is stating an opinion which is fine but the other is specifically insulting someone else for their opinion. I think that’s what they’re getting at.


goldrynsruby t1_j66qtec wrote

Yes, exactly. I perhaps didn’t articulate it in the best way. Thank you.


jenna_grows t1_j633gcn wrote

It’s misdirected frustration.

It’s a bit much that her books are so popular when they’re such drivel - but that’s a societal issue not a CoHo issue. There are plenty of books I’ve read that were way worse than Verity, but what ground my gears a bit was how HYPED it was.

Also, some of her stans can be very stanny.


sunnywatermelon18 OP t1_j64s0pl wrote

Oh I see. I get it now, about it being overhyped. I stopped reading her books awhile ago because the new ones stopped appealing to me, and I've been lucky to not have encountered hardcore stans. There are certainly many problematic elements! It just confused me when people who hardcore dislike her books for valid reasons end up attacking me for having found some of her books enjoyable.


jenna_grows t1_j65laix wrote

As long as no one is shoving anything down anyone’s throats, it’s fine. Once that stops, they can take a long walk off a short cliff for all I care.


books_throw_away t1_j63p6l0 wrote

I don't read her books but I won't disparage her readership. However, I am getting tired of every bookstore offline and online promoting her books so much.


ennebt t1_j62u2v2 wrote

Idrk. I haven't actually read them, but I heard someone complain about her books being kind of mis-marketed. For example, there was one about an abusive relationship (i think Nov 9) but it was heavily marketed as romance that they didn't feel came in until the end (when MC got with someone else). Idk if that has something to do with it? Or maybe ppl just need a new Twilight to channel all their frustration into.


Mrereren t1_j62uvac wrote

Yes, that's the problem. Her books are not romance but are about toxic relationships. Yet her fans think it's romance and don't consider there to be anything wrong with how the male characters treat the female main character. It's baffling and I feel bad for them.


ennebt t1_j62v6qp wrote

Maybe I misinterpreted, but I thought OP acknowledged that and was asking specifically why her books get more hate than other books that do similar things and don't get called out. Ik her books have a lot of bad tropes that don't get called out in the text; the one I was talking about had it explicit within the text the "love interest" was supposed to be abusive, hence the mis-marketing, and why i thought they might get more hate. Sorry if I worded that wrong.


Mrereren t1_j62vhjj wrote

It's because her books are the most popular romance books and get recommended to young people the most. I still remember that one girl who caught her 11 year old sister reading Ugly Love and had to sit her down and explain just how toxic and dangerous the books are.


ennebt t1_j62w007 wrote

Ah, I get that. It was just my theory as to why ppl hate her specifically. I think a lot of ppl who talk about bad tropes in books (romance especially) need to be more consistent with their call-outs, tho. And I dont think that anyone who enjoys them is necessarily in the wrong or doesn't understand, even teens. As long as it's acknowledged (like in ur example) ppl should be allowed to like what they like.


Prestigious-Fox-7842 t1_j635huk wrote

I have only read one book by CoHo and it just wasn’t for me. I don’t enjoy her writing style or her “romance” storylines. The editing isn’t my favorite, either. That being said, I won’t read anymore of her books but I also don’t judge people who do enjoy her. I am a huge fan of Sarah J. Maas, who also gets a lot of flack from people. I say read what you like and people who judge you for it can stuff it!


AggressiveBowl t1_j63gy0g wrote

I think it's a classic case of "meh/okay author, unbearable fandom". Some things can only get shoved so many times in your face before your indifference turns to frustration and some fans can be very aggravating without realizing it. I never read anything by Colleen Hoover because her books aren't what I enjoy, but you see her everywhere and people who love her can get quite passionate and, from what I have seen, are quick to jump to "well, if you don't like it, you obviously are boring/are an elitist/hate stuff made by and for women". So I don't think it's a problem with her content and more with the way it is publicized.

That's the problem with many divisive authors/books.


aliquotiens t1_j68bntx wrote

She’s so far from meh, in my opinion. Kids who write fanfic on the internet have better writing skills.


zedatkinszed t1_j63pp0j wrote

They're bad.

The writing's bad. The message is bad. The plot twists and conventions are obvious.

They are yet another example of abuse as romance targetted at girls and young women. A LOT of people find that reprehensible.


Warm-Enthusiasm-9534 t1_j62uvtg wrote

She had got to be the most recommended author in the world right now, so a lot of those recommendations have to be going to people who aren't the kind of person who would like her books. So it leads to a backlash.


silverlenia t1_j63qj6y wrote

The reason is that those who wish to have something to kill time with without having to think, and who don't require well-written plots without holes and shallow characters, do still enjoy her books and that is fine, but what others do not like is that her books are hyped to a ridiculous degree and if that is the quality of books needed to top all charts everywhere, that makes authors less likely to bother with the higher-quality literature that many in the book community is striving to find to be able to enjoy reading.

Similarly, how the fact that movies are nowadays dumbed down, with idiotic characters and comedy that is apparently enough to amuse the big audiences, means that quality movies with well-thought out plots are getting rare, and how AAA video games are buggy and poorly developed because people buy them anyways whether or not the quality is great.

So normally, other people having different preferences doesn't hurt anyone, but in this case people enjoying and hyping dumbed-down stuff in droves is actually hurting the market of "quality" entertainment, and that makes many feel rather angry.


gustasilvab t1_j63mh7n wrote

Because they are shit and people who like shit doesn't like to be told that what they like is shit.


Sandi_T t1_j639sd4 wrote

Too many people in modern society forget that fantasy isn't real life. I don't really know anything about her, but I understand certain things about the "romance" genre.

Many people get really angry about elements of fictional romances that are for a certain market.

Let's take the "enemies to lovers" trope, since I'm getting that vibe from some comments. I'm not a fan, myself, but there's another related niche I like and I've gone out of my way to try to understand (why people like this sort of thing).

Some people like to read these kinds of fantasies because reading is a safe place to explore things you'd never do IRL.

A person who has had to end a relationship due to red flags, but they really loved that person and wish they had changed, can explore that safely through reading. Imagination is a safe space.

Even very dark fantasies can be safely indulged in (50 Shades ring any bells?) without getting any actual pain or risking running afoul of a true sadist instead of merely a redeemable scoundrel.

These books allow people to have a fantasy in a safe way.

But unfortunately, there are a lot of controlling, thought-policing people who can't separate fact from fiction. They believe that by creating a safe place to enjoy fantasies you'd never risk IRL, you are condoning the behaviors in the story.

That's simply not true.

Everyone but these thought police's fantasy. Their excuse is that no fantasy should exist because what if someone follows through!?!?

In reality, people are more likely to follow through in risky ways if they can't indulge their imagination. They are more likely to follow through in extremely risky ways if they feel ashamed and demonized. The shame itself will drive them towards subconscious self harm.

It's better to give people space to explore it safely and to feel okay about themselves. It's just thoughts, not acted on. It's harmless to self and others when it's just a book.

Most people would enjoy being pursued by someone who loves and dotes on them, for example... But we know IRL such aggressive pursuit is typically abusive. So in person it turns us off. Not to mention it's usually someone we aren't at all attracted to, either.

Books, especially romances, allow us to let go of our reasonable concerns about stalking (for example) and indulge in a sense of being intensely pursued by a person we actually would love being pursued by.

Enemies to lovers allows a person to give in to a "forbidden" but overwhelming desire. Many of us have been deeply, intensely attracted to someone only to find out they're a jerk. In imagination, they are redeemable and come around in the end. IRL, you dare not take that chance.

Fiction is freedom. You can do in fiction what you never would IRL.

Some people want to take that away under "but it's normalizing abusive behavior!"

No, it isn't. It's giving people space to imagine before going back to the harsh reality that being pursued aggressively is only fun in fantasy, but is mostly dangerous and terrifying in reality.


shindow t1_j65m0ye wrote

This sums up everything I would have said. Dont police her tropes, police her plot and structure. Bad writing isn't a squick its overused and predictable writing.


iamwhoiwasnow t1_j64wn0p wrote

I keep seeing "she's not a good writer" but also see the argument "read what you like" and "read to escape or for entertainment". People could be right she might be the worst writer there is but here's the thing, for me the one book I did read by her, Verity is entertaining as hell and I tore through the book fast than other well written books by authors that are considered great even if just in their genre. So which is it? She is a bad writer so you shouldn't like her? She's on tik tok a lot so for that you shouldn't like her? She's getting more people to read so you shouldn't like her? That last one is laughable.

So what if she's not a great writer. Some literary classics are damn near impossible to read or understand for some of us that are frankly just reading for fun. This genuinely just feels like gatekeeping and it makes it harder to have conversations with people about books specially online. I recently made a post about Very by Colleen Hoover that I thought would engage people in conversation and thankfully it did but it immediately got down voted and had a few comments that had nothing to do with the book but with the author. It's sad.


Ok_Training1449 t1_j6371xh wrote

I read a couple of her books and they're on the trashy side (for my standards) but also highly addictive. The woman knows how to write a page turner. If you just want something fast paced for escapism and don't mind morally questionable characters, give it a try. I don't think I'm reading more from her but for my needs at the time, it was fine. I understand why she appeals the masses. Nothing wrong with that.


mikarala t1_j65l84v wrote

The excerpts I've read of her books read like Wattpad (fan)fiction. AKA mostly bad fanfiction. And at least that's free.

I also think Hoover tends to appeal more to people that just want something easy and accessible to read, mainly young people who don't read a ton or are just getting into reading, and many people who read more regularly are a bit scared of the general public either holding her up as the standard or something to aspire to, like the trend of publishing will move towards books with the same style or quality of writing.


Elivenya t1_j65o9mg wrote

It's kind of triggering when books are so mediocre, but still so popular. It reminds me how bad the reading level is ad much shit-tok helps to promote crap.


fibralarevoluccion t1_j635u64 wrote

Question: I haven't read Colleen Hoover but when I was a teenager I read Sarah Dessen's books, which honestly sound very similar in structure, plot elements, etc. Has anyone read books by both of these authors? Are their books similar?


ElaineofAstolat t1_j66cutr wrote

I think they’re similar, but Sarah Dessen is a much better writer. I can’t think of a single nice thing to say about Colleen Hoover’s writing.


Ineffable7980x t1_j63fdzj wrote

Whenever any writer becomes as popular and as inescapable as she has, there is always lashback.

I have never read her books because she writes in a genre I don't care for, but if you go to any bookstore, she is truly everywhere. That can get rather abrasive and provoke reactions.


JamJamsAndBeddyBye t1_j65fgl3 wrote

Stephanie Meyer (Twilight) and E.L. James (50 Shades) faced similar criticisms for similar reasons, they’re broadly considered to be bad writers.

At the end of the day, read what you like. If you enjoy Hoover’s stories and can look past the bad writing, who cares what anyone else thinks?


Fit_Tooth_6989 t1_j66rkhu wrote

Because her books are shoved down everyone’s throats; best seller lists, booktok/tube/gram content, every bookstore has them on display. Coupled with the fact that her books are poorly written and read like a 12 year olds wattpad account.


DarcyLuffy t1_j630lu0 wrote

I think her prose is passable. I tried to read one of her books for the first time - forgot the title - and I thought there was a big chance I would be a regular reader of hers. I Dnfed her book pretty quickly. I am now annoyed with her, because I cannot understand her appeal. And that makes me feel left out. I don't hate COHO but I am irritated by her fandom. I can only shrug and move on.


JeanVicquemare t1_j64mv4u wrote

it is not complicated. They are far and away the bestselling fiction in the country right now, and yet many people think they're not good. Hence, they are divisive.


bravetailor t1_j64t27w wrote

She's a popular writer of basically lowbrow fiction. These kinds of authors are always lightning rods for criticism in some way or another. Some people dislike the fact that she seemed to come out of nowhere instead of "earning" her success, but there have been authors like her in every decade for over a hundred years. As far as her "romanticizing" toxic relationships, well, one of the selling points of lowbrow popular fiction is that they do things that seem "taboo" to readers looking for non-moralist escapism. Obviously there is a fine line to walk without tipping over, and Hoover seems to balance the line quite well, as evidenced by her popularity. So every criticism of her books' "problematic" nature are in some way also a selling point for a lot of people. I think her critics would do well to try a different critical tack if they want to curtail her popularity, because the current one obviously hasn't been working.


RedRedBettie t1_j664rn8 wrote

I just really disliked Verity and think she’s very overrated.


IskaralPustFanClub t1_j66nyex wrote

Some people like them and are rabid about that. Some people don’t like them and are rabid about that.


vagueposter t1_j674zm8 wrote

I don't necessarily love reading her, but I know her books will burn some hours if I need to wait for something. Sort of like putting my brain in standby mode if I have important meetings going on later in the day, or I'm trying to wait out something.

Like, I'm not gonna regret spending a few hours reading her weirdass names. I'm a sap at heart, and I enjoy a decent romance. Her books are cookie cutter, digestible, and while they have some WTF moments and decisions, they aren't exactly fighting my suspension of disbelief too hard. Except for that one book. That we all know of. But as soon as she snapped my suspension of disbelief, I read it as an attempt at comedy, and it turned wonderful

Also, her characters are chaoticly named, and while I find some of them ridiculous, I admire her brazen uncaring efforts


throwawaymassagedad t1_j67h4tn wrote

Those people are not wrong. If you like Colleen Hoover, you do need to read better books. I get people want to read her for enjoyment or shit, I get that. I understand that.

My issue is with people who act like she has published some groundbreaking piece of literature that's so deep with layers of onion. No. That's not true. Her writing sucks. And love, if you like her books, you might as well read some better books written on Wattpad by 14 year olds.

Thirdly, her books are problematic. Their plot is problematic. I am specifically going to talk about It Ends With Us. That book justifies sexual assault, no accountability for bad and abusive characters. And you know what? I understand that characters can be morally bad. What I don't understand is that CoHo doesn't provide any sort of accountability or acknowledgement for that shit.

Fourthly, it glorifies toxic relationships, grooming and is just very unrealistic. Now why I say unrealistic? Because according to the strategically placed Author's Note in the end, it's supposed to highlight her mother's story. Atlas is some guy who out of nowhere became a successful chef? But okay, I'll give my willing suspension disbelief. My other problem is with how bland her characters are. The main character is called Lily Bloom for fucks sake. And she's the most one dimensional, half-assed and generic character i have ever seen.

Fifthly, the writer herself is problematic and I'm sorry if I have trouble supporting someone who tries to conceal her son's sexual assault attempts. I am not going to go into depth, you can that on twitter.

Sixth, how am I supposed to take a writer seriously who makes her characters laugh at their son's "big balls". Like are you kidding me?

I apologise for my lack of politeness but i get really angry when people act like hating on CoHo is because of her success or something. We have our reasons, very valid and real reasons to not enjoy her work. You can enjoy reading her but for god's sake stop acting like she's some groundbreaking literary artist.


GrudaAplam t1_j62w5gm wrote

Because they are popular.


DanishWhoreHens t1_j66oh9e wrote

As a lifelong reader and lover of books it breaks my heart to see people say that they don’t want to mention the books they read and enjoy for fear of the hateful comments they receive in response. Expository or explicative responses offering counter viewpoints is one thing but vitriol is another. There is just no excuse for trying to shame someone for reading. Offer other options. Recommend other authors. Encourage people to expand their choices… but really, if you have to be an asshole to express your point, you’ve lost that literary high ground you think you occupy.


HailTheMoose t1_j66zwpu wrote

I think that mediocre authors tend to get famous because their books are written simply and non readers tend to be drawn to that so they blow up. Tik Tok helps that for sure, and when an author becomes so good they develop a huge cult following, who tend to be very very protective of said authors, which in turn starts to really grate on people, so more people become vocal about this dislike and it becomes more about the annoying fans then the actual authors.

In the end I do not understand why anyone would judge a person based on a book they are reading.


No-Kaleidoscope4356 t1_j677oaw wrote

She has some books I like, some I'm not interested in. I am a chatacter reader, if you can make me like one chatacter, I will probably be invested. I have read lots of "bad books" and enjoyed them. Reading, I think, for the most part, is for fun and de-stressing, at least for me it is. There was also some controversy with her son and allegations that she allegedly covered up, which once the internet caught wind, it made it even worse to be a fan of hers.


Ashley_Elizabeth99 t1_j681ezg wrote

Personally, I'm not a fan of Colleen Hoover and think she's a bit overhyped because I've read romance books that are written way better and not as cheesy or corny. I do agree that her books aren't as taboo as others though. For example, I think Penelope Douglas' books are a lot more taboo than her's and sometimes are problematic.


happyness4me t1_j69frtp wrote

I feel like her reading her books is like watching trashy TV. Sometimes that's just what you're in the mood for.


-UnicornFart t1_j6bfhu1 wrote

They aren’t taboo, they are just terrible.


aslowdyke t1_j6dwptz wrote

Shoutouts to successful female authors being shit on aggressively


> things start getting weird when I mention that I like some Coho books. They just go off and call me a fake and uneducated reader who "needs to read another book".

Seriously, who are these people that you've found yourself near? I cannot for the life of me imagine insulting or discrediting anyone for their taste in books in such a poisonous way. What's the motivation for them doing this? Damn.


ktgrok t1_j6oot5n wrote

Are some of her books better/worse? I’ve read a few that I enjoyed, Heartbones and Reminders of Him in particular, but after those didn’t like even the plot description on the back covers to read any of her others.


CWE115 t1_j64yrzh wrote

People don’t know how to think for themselves and also seem to have forgotten how to respect other people’s reading choices. I have gotten such vitriol thrown my way for reading things that the media have vilified. It kinda takes the fun out of reading because I’m afraid to share what I’ve read.


JessBooks_Sense t1_j65amii wrote

I wonder about thjs too. For reference I read romance, YA and genre fiction. I thought her book was “aggressively fine”. It Ends With Us didn’t seem like it glorified anything. I don’t get all the hate but I also really don’t get all the hype ??? 🤪 I think it’s all the hype that annoys people ?

This is about her books I don’t really know much about her as a person


honeysukcle t1_j67fkjj wrote

It’s a hive mind. Even the people who primarily read toxic romance novels are jumping on the colleen hate train because independent thought is illegal


crimejunkiefan t1_j6351jc wrote

It's book reader elitism. There is always an author and fandom that people feel the need to incessantly criticize or put down so that they feel better about themselves. I've personally seen that many of the criticisms are from people that don't even typically read her genre, so their criticisms of her work are literally what other people love. Colleen writes specific types of books for specific audiences, and she clearly excels within that niche. People will read Verity because they saw it marked as a thriller but there is no way one should expect an actual thriller from Colleen. I don't know. I feel people should do their research before randomly buying books because they saw it on best seller list.

Yes, she sometimes punches above her weight by trying to incorporate genres/topics that aren't her forte, but out of everything she has published I don't see how books like Verity and that one about domestic abuse mean she is a terrible author overall or her readers aren't smart or sophisticated.


GlotzbachsToast t1_j652w2f wrote

Knowing literally nothing about this author or her books and just observing, I get a lot of “pumpkin spiced latte” vibes.

People just like to shit on things that many women collectively have stated that they enjoy.


greengerm t1_j65etnn wrote

People hate on her because tiktokers that also write books started hating on her because none of them are even close to being as popular as she is. Yeah okay her writing isnt good but people are reading it, giving her money, and tiktokers are jealous lol. Its simple as that. You wouldnt shame anyone else for reading something that isnt your cup of tea, but with hoover its wayyy more accepted lol