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Mrereren t1_j62ujem wrote

People consider CoHo to be a writer for people who don't read books. Her writting is pretty bad and she can't create realistic characters and dialogue for the life of her. But probably the worst thing about her is the normalisation of abuse in relationships. Bad writting is normal and common, but the way she romaticizes abuse is not. Anyone who has read better books can see this but younger people who have only started reading (and unfortunately often get recommended CoHo by her oblivious fans) might not notice that there is something wrong.


That-Soup3492 t1_j62yxdi wrote

Her sudden and extreme popularity thanks to opaque algorithmic recommendations doesn't help either. There are plenty of bad authors and plenty of problematic authors, but they generally aren't getting weirdly glowing TikTok endorsements, Instagram posts, etc., etc.

A few years ago, it was Sarah J. Maas.


CitrinetheQueen t1_j6338kf wrote

And before that fifty shades and before that sparkly vampires


ArcadiaRivea t1_j63bjte wrote

I remember hearing something about 50 Shades being a Twilight fan fiction (or based on one)


cantonic t1_j64ry9f wrote

Yes, it started out as a Twilight sequel of some sort that became very popular on whatever fanfic site she was on. That formed the basis of 50 Shades. She changed enough things to be disconnected from Twilight and fleshed out the idea into 50 Shades, apparently.


ArcadiaRivea t1_j65jxdy wrote

Ah, thank you! I couldn't remember any specifics, just that fact!


SAYARIAsayaria t1_j637oc6 wrote

>A few years ago, it was Sarah J. Maas.

I thought she was a good writer. What is the problem with her? Also please do not immediately downvote me. I have no ill intentions.


Wingkirs t1_j63esq9 wrote

People have problems with her age differences and romanization of what they perceive as abusive relationships targeted at teens. (Dubcon/ coercion)

As far as her prose- I’d say she’s very average.


SAYARIAsayaria t1_j63ic6x wrote

Oh that is very problematic. I would frown on that. Thank you for telling me that.

Hmmm, and on prose, I see.


Cjwithwolves t1_j66fz6x wrote

I still love SJM. But I'm an adult that can separate what I'm reading from reality so.... I'm still having a good time.


SAYARIAsayaria t1_j66x4xc wrote

I want to have a good time too, and I do my best to be careful.


GrassStartersSuck t1_j66046z wrote

I read one book by her and thought she was the worst writer I had ever read


zedatkinszed t1_j6csilm wrote

>I thought she was a good writer.

Her writing/prose is appalling. Her word choice is bizarre. Her grammar and syntax are awful. Her writing is genuinely the strangest I have ever come across apart from Dan Brown (she is better than him though).

Her romanticization of SA and rape is just repulsive. Her stuff is basically a 50 Shades of Fae but worse on every conceivable level.

I'd say she's a very strange writer.


SAYARIAsayaria t1_j6g8rj0 wrote

Damn. That is incredibly condemning. Thank you btw. And now I feel strange. I used to enjoy Dan Brown books :(


sunnywatermelon18 OP t1_j64s9tv wrote

That makes sense now! When I read her older books in 2012, it was almost impossible to find them at a local bookstore. Now there are entire table displays in Target, Barnes and Noble, etc. It is definitely different and overwhelming.


JeanVicquemare t1_j64myfj wrote

>People consider CoHo to be a writer for people who don't read books

similar to how Rupi Kaur is a poet for people who don't read poetry.


hippopup t1_j644re3 wrote

This really concerns me. My teen is in a relationship with a girl who eats these books up. It was clear early on that she's toxic. To be fair, she's just a kid and it sounds like she might be getting some bad ideas.


Mrereren t1_j64l0ut wrote

Do you think you could talk with your kid about that realationship? If it was obvious early on that she's toxic I'd be concerned as well. Probably talking about what a healthy relationship looks like and how to recognise when you're being mistreated would be a good start.


hippopup t1_j66eehu wrote

Oh for sure! We talk about what's healthy and not healthy in a relationship, while trying not to tip him off that we are talking about her (don't want them to dig in their heels because the parents are trying to break up truuuueee looooove). Teenagers are exhausting


Rilenaveen t1_j653vr0 wrote

Well said! Heck I enjoy certain “bad writers” but the moment you normalize abuse? Hell no!


vagueposter t1_j69c6ca wrote

I remember reading some of her work and channeling the

"That's not how that works... That's not how ANY of that works" lady


greengerm t1_j65egxy wrote

I mean youre saying people are idiots for reading in this statement just because they enjoy something that you dont. This subreddit is so annoying lol