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goirish2200 t1_j4xp2fi wrote

If you’re reading a work of fiction with a preface, that means you’re probably reading an established work of literature with a cultural reputation robust enough that someone - usually a credentialed academic - was tapped to write said preface. They’re there for the purpose of deeper study and targeted, implicitly, to people who are returning to that book, not encountering it for the first time, so don’t worry about it.

In other words, you’ll know if/when you’ll want to read the preface. This is unlikely to be the case the first time you read it. Skip ‘em.


Bridalhat t1_j4y1no8 wrote

It can also be useful for students or anyone who wants to pick up on as many themes and foreshadowing as they can, but either only has time to read the book once or just doesn't prize going in blind as much as OP.


Merle8888 t1_j51no2w wrote

I don’t know, I usually read these after finishing a book but most of the time they just seem like bloviating without having any real point. It’s rare they actually bring great insights or perspective.


-baby-purple- t1_j50w59y wrote

i like to read the preface AFTER i finish the book because they are meant for people (usually academic scholars) returning to the book after having already read it.