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angelojann OP t1_j68woum wrote

Ohh so it was also socially accurate. I thought the characters were meant to be that way and not because it's the reflection of society. But It turns out men were really more open back in the day.


DeusExLibrus t1_j68wv4d wrote

Pretty much.


angelojann OP t1_j68x2j7 wrote

Even the ancient Greeks practiced same sex relationship


RomanStashkov t1_j68xjq0 wrote

Everyone had same sex relationships. There is no human culture that has ever existed where they aren't present.

However men being affectionate for each other and complimenting each is other is not the same thing


Y_Brennan t1_j6a0qo3 wrote

It's important to remember that these relationships were different to what we perceive same sex relationships today. To call ancient Greeks gay or homosexuals would be an anachronistic fallacy.


petereeflea t1_j6bp0dy wrote

Yes, but greek wasn't the only ancient civilization, there were others, and there same sex relationships were a lot more equal, then power based. You also ignore the men and women that hid their same sex relationships.


thegooddoktorjones t1_j68yt11 wrote

It also depended strongly on class. All classes had less 'no homo' kind of bullshit, but upper classes in particular did not need to pose as manly in order to be powerful and respected. Working class folks still needed to prove dominance over each other and had less tolerance for genteel behavior.