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bcardarella OP t1_ja0r0fb wrote

Wow. That's is some special level of internet rage for a hypothetical situation you just dreamed up.


JohnnyRebe1 t1_ja1jy8y wrote

I don’t understand why you’re being downvoted.. children that have never owned anything I guess. I wouldn’t want those duckers cutting up my yard or installing their crap either.


BigChickenpips t1_ja40guj wrote

I think it comes down to people understanding he’s upset that no one called him and asked and explained what is actually being done, I would also be upset and suspicious.

While on the other hand he’s saying no to something that is free and will be covered up practically instantly after the work is done (many of us know what this entails, while OP believes it to be a traumatic event to his lawn) and that may cost him or someone else much more down the road if he chooses not to allow it.

However everyone is downvoting for their own reasons. It just seems a bit dramatic to me. (I’ve had this done to me)