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JohnnyRebe1 t1_ja4g4jd wrote

I see you’re an EMT as well. Wow man, you’re a real jackoff-of-all-trades, huh. Realtor, contractor, investor, EMT, what other job titles can I find in your comment history?

Every comment you’ve made on Reddit is claiming to be an expert of whatever bullshit you’re spewing. Reality is you’re just a lonely boy living in your moms basement.

“The study, funded in part by Fiber to the Home Council Americas”

The whole article you reference says just what I did. That having access, ie. living in an area that has high speed internet availability. Nothing to support your claim that having multiple companies access points increases home value.

The man’s already got Fios. He’s already got your supposed 3.1%. He has no reason to allow Comcast on HIS LAND.


BigChickenpips t1_ja4gy8h wrote

Nice, typical sore loser who tries to come at someone personally instead of bringing facts and experience to the table. Here we go…

  1. DM me and I’ll give you my social media and you can figure me out for yourself. I became an EMT during the pandemic to help out. And in case you didn’t know becoming an EMT required schooling. (In case you didn’t know there is a shortage in EMT’s in Boston, they don’t make good money but definitely an important part of our infrastructure, maybe you can get certified so you can help out during the outbreak and learn a bit about health while helping your community instead of arguing with them and spewing opinions about things you have no experience in).

  2. Who are you to tell me what I have and haven’t done?

  3. Where did I ever claim to be an expert in anything.

  4. Where did I say he needed comcast? I said he needs access to fiber internet which he doesn’t have without a fiber lines. Sure he has ACCESS the same way I have access to a gas line IF I PAY FOR IT. A buyer will and can use that as a point of negotiation.

  5. You need to grow up and stop trying to be right. You’re literally saying I claimed things I never claimed or said. And you’re misconstruing things to try to make your point. You’re investigating my page knowing nothing about my background and honestly man seems kind of sick that you’re trying to come at me personally to make your point.

  6. You know so little about real estate you can’t realize that I’m not a jack of all trades I’m just well licensed and certified as an investor. If you knew anything about what you were saying you wouldn’t have commented on a subject you have no professional experience in. A jack of all trades would be a contractor who claims he knows tile, carpentry etc. i just hire the right people… it’s called contracting. I buy and sell my own homes why not save 2-6% on ever sale by not having to pay sales commissions.

  7. You’re just mad I gave you what you were asking for. You make false claims to defend yourself. Calling me a boy? All you need is my name yet you’re going off about things that I am and have said that aren’t even true. Learn to take a loss.


I guess you don’t know the concept of aging and having various occupations throughout your life to broaden your skillset. Luckily I do and don’t have to go around trying to tell others how their job works and spewing information I know nothing about. Luckily I broadened my skills and grew through life.

Next time try to discuss with facts. And try to be even slightly experienced in things you try to educate others in. I’m all set with responding to you.

Also since you’re stalking, you’ll find I also was a financial planner, crazy how it all connects as an investor whos an aspiring philanthropist. Yup I do 3D printing too cause wouldn’t it be great if I could 3D print homes and Im also back to school to become a licensed engineer. You’re making me blush because you find it impossible to be me.

If anything your biggest take away from this should be that you should continue to educate yourself beyond the bare minimum.