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marvinthemartian6464 t1_ja57bvp wrote

Back in the early 2000s when Fios first came out, the cost to install fiber optic was about 4-5k per house. They went down the neighborhoods in Braintree installing fiber optic to every house. By you whining about your lawn being dug up, you're adding extra cost by having the crew come back at a later date when the crew will already be working on your street


therealcmj t1_jacwgx9 wrote

I’m willing to bet that OP is the sort of person that would complain about FiOS being available to his neighbor but not to him.

I’m also willing to bet that the town/city required Comcast to make the same service available to everyone in the town as part of the conditions of their franchise agreement. And that’s why they’re pulling fiber everywhere.


bcardarella OP t1_ja5slb7 wrote

Oh fuck off already, you do what you want with your home and I'll keep Comcast the fuck away from mine.