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timecoyote t1_j9i8wo3 wrote

Affordable Housing Land


GhostofBossHog t1_j9iax3v wrote



aray25 t1_j9i9yas wrote

Canobie Lake Park?


mito413 t1_j9j9p7i wrote

There is a six flags in MA. Less than a two hour drive outside of Boston.


photinakis t1_j9ib3c4 wrote

Judging by how crowded Lego Place always has been (and I’m sure will be when it reopens) I think a Legoland would make a killing here.


Knowing_Bivalve t1_j9kvfd9 wrote

And with the Americas HQ moving here in 2026 it would make sense!


B__Malz t1_j9jj3uf wrote

The MBTA is it's own theme park. Pay money, have an unexpected experience, and end up feeling different about it after.


DillonD t1_j9m5dk6 wrote

I got a free show on the redline the other night when some dude kicked a guy in the face


BurrowForPresident t1_j9ms8v3 wrote

You ever play rollercoaster tycoon Satan and built death coasters where you launch cars off the end of a track at 120 mph

I imagine this but with the T randomly lighting on fire or derailing


agu-g t1_j9icduh wrote

spell check LAND


coaks388 t1_j9jhbgm wrote

Disney would make a killing wherever they go but they can’t even pay their employees in Florida so here is probably a non-starter.


bostonvikinguc t1_j9jahag wrote

Lego is redoing their store at assembly and also Moving headquarters to Boston.


Mahdahrah t1_j9iaku8 wrote

Plymouth Plantation Land


[deleted] t1_j9ihlza wrote



itsonlyastrongbuzz t1_j9jbpoj wrote

>Plimouth Pawtucket Land, FYTFY

It’s Patuxet.

Squanto was a Patuxet.

Pawtucket is a different tribe (and a shit hole town that lost a minor league baseball team to fucking Worcester)


symonym7 t1_j9kk84m wrote

The real question is: would we sell Revere (or whatever) to Disney if they gutted the MBTA and replaced all train lines with a monorail?


Ok_Olive9438 t1_j9ighv2 wrote

I don’t know, but I’d expect significant speed restrictions on all the roller coasters…


detective_bigfoot t1_j9k3ogi wrote

I would tear down Six Flags Springfield and Canobie Lake Park with my bare hands if it meant I could afford to buy a house in MA.


RailRoad_Candy t1_j9kbjae wrote

All of those places are hell on earth save for Six Flags, and it's close depending on time of year, and we already have one. I don't see the attraction for any of those places.

Also, I'm whole heartedly against bulldozing anymore forests in this state for any reason whatsoever. The last sighting of a Canadian Lynx in MA was in Bellingham a little more than 20 years ago. The forest it lived in was bulldozed to put in a Home Depot, Toys R Us, Unos, and a small apartment complex. ...yeah, that was worth it.