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nattarbox t1_j9wnx7l wrote

Did this for a dead show last year and it was amazing. They let the bus cut all the traffic leaving on the way out.

There’s a couple other bus services too. Highly recommend.


jamesland7 t1_j9x4sbl wrote

Thanks. Sadly no rally bus for the Bret Michaels show. Ill keep my eyes peeled!


fakecrimesleep t1_j9y4y6q wrote

The fact you’re trying to do this for a Bret Michaels show is HILARIOUS


jamesland7 t1_j9yjz7h wrote

The tickets were bought by a friend…we’re pretty sure its gonna suck but committed to going already. I imagine Bret will sound find, but everyone else on the bill……


fakecrimesleep t1_j9yznjw wrote

Bro just take some weed gummies before going in you’ll be fine. You’re not gonna wanna be drinking a lot in the crowd the bathroom lines will be absolutely insane and annoying once you break the seal. It also costs a stupid amount of money to drink there + the tailgating will be incredibly sad


jamesland7 t1_j9zkylz wrote

Correct. Planning to take weed, but its still a dui if i drive high. So looks like ill just stay sober. All is well


nattarbox t1_j9ywqsb wrote

They don’t post every concert early, just the big obvious ones. Most of these rides get organized a few weeks out. Pretty sure there’s at least a couple busses leaving Boston to every show at xfinity so you should be good.

And yes, lol @ Brett Michaels. The need to get sloppy is now clear.


Samael13 t1_j9wlp1u wrote



jamesland7 t1_j9wm6ms wrote

Probably like $100 after concerts back to Boston id think, no?


Internet_Big-Timer t1_j9x02vk wrote

Crunch the numbers on what a DUI will run you. I promise $100 is a sweet deal.


jamesland7 t1_j9x564h wrote

Yeah, this might shock you, but driving under the influence isn’t really one of the options in play here


snarksonaplane t1_j9xgwv0 wrote

I mean, your options are pretty much Lyft/Uber or hotel? I’m not sure what magic answer you’re looking for but I went to a few shows last summer, did some research and those were the only options I could find aside from someone being DD.


marymap t1_j9wo336 wrote

You could Lyft to/from a commuter rail stop.


SkiingAway t1_j9wxbpd wrote

If you want to wait until 5AM for a train, sure. Commuter rail's not running by the time a show lets out. Last inbound on the Providence line hits Mansfield station at 10:45PM on weekdays, 9:59PM on weekends.


Wtf_is_this1234 t1_j9wq2c6 wrote

Or you could just not get trashed?


BsFan t1_j9wxp6q wrote

Would you rather this person just drive drunk instead? Fuck him for asking for safe options right?


Wtf_is_this1234 t1_j9wxwt3 wrote

I proposed a safe option. Obviously alcoholics don't like hearing it, hence all the downvotes.


CraigInDaVille t1_j9wzoq3 wrote

Yeah, I don't get the downvote hate either. OP seems to want to get fucking wrecked and have a simple, cheap, and easy solution delivered to them for getting home while blitzed. Any sensible suggestion gets snark, apparently.


arewedunnyet t1_j9wxpt2 wrote

Not sure of your budget, but there is a Fairfield Inn & Suites less than a mile away that you can Uber/taxi to and from.


jamesland7 t1_j9x5209 wrote

Good option, but doggo cant stay home alone all night. Thanks though :)


avsavsavs t1_j9y33r9 wrote

maybe a friend will stay the night at ur place while u stay the night near the show? i do this for my friend (and their pup)


voidedrealms t1_j9ykgsj wrote

Why can’t an animal stay home for 8 hours just cuz it’s night time? You do realize you do the same thing when you leave for work right? Food + water + access to outside and they don’t need you. Relax weirdo, a dog is not a human baby. No matter how much you treat it like so.


STD_Train t1_j9ys9vw wrote

Not many apartments in Boston have outside access for dogs to go by themselves. Why are you so angry that OP treats his dog well. I left my dog for 2-3 hours and when I got back she was super anxious


voidedrealms t1_j9zj6md wrote

So what do you do when you go to work for 8 hours if your anxiety ridden dog can’t even last 2 hours lol. Thing is worse than a baby. Dog people are the worst hahahah it’s a fucking dog bro. Not a special needs baby. Relax


STD_Train t1_j9zjhli wrote

Ever heard of WFH? Imagine hating dogs lmao, I’d rather have a dog than a crying baby.


George_GeorgeGlass t1_j9zd9dc wrote

Because OP is weighing these options against drunk driving. And anything is better than that. Dog can manage 8 hours. Dog will be worse off if OP gets in an accident or ends up in jail. Never mind the other people on the road they’re putting at risk


STD_Train t1_j9zjnf0 wrote

Nah, OP says in the post they would choose a DD. If that’s the case then obviously find a dog sitter


voidedrealms t1_j9zja63 wrote

What do you do when you sleep for 6-8 hours? Wake up every hour?


STD_Train t1_j9zlf9i wrote

Nah, they’re fine when they’re with you. Also you should try betterhelp


Ohio_MassLaxPhan t1_j9yho1e wrote

Maybe pay for a dogsitter? All the options available have been shared, either pay the cost or one of you will need to take it easy.


detentionbarn t1_j9yiior wrote

Reading all of this has somehow dampened my enthusiasm for going to concerts.


DarkMetroid567 t1_j9yqtx1 wrote

This is how it is for most of the country; unfortunately that’s where a lot of the drunk driving comes from too


-ItsCasual- t1_j9ykoma wrote

Uber, Lyft, taxi, car service, or stay at a hotel/motel near the arena. There are plenty of options.


FineIllMakeaProfile t1_j9wvfq2 wrote

Mansfield commuter rail?


arewedunnyet t1_j9wy3lw wrote

Good suggestion, but the last train inbound is likely too early if OP is staying for the whole show.


1000thusername t1_j9yfcwa wrote

Use a car service to and from!


Wtf_is_this1234 t1_j9yfzzp wrote

OP is bitching about $100 on lyft. He probably spends more than that on weed lol


MommaGuy t1_j9zajlq wrote

Hire a car service. Yes it’s expensive but cheaper than a DUI.