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GM_Pax t1_ja3kyo3 wrote

Fun fact: turkeys DO fly. They roost in trees overnight. :)


3720-To-One OP t1_ja3shgy wrote

Indeed. I’ve seen it before.

They look like a flying bowling ball


lostlittledoggy t1_ja40i39 wrote

And they act like it too. Clumsily crashing through branches, etc.


GM_Pax t1_ja45j9h wrote

Some birds fly gracefully, like ballerinas dancing on the air.


Then there are turkeys.



WatermelonNurse t1_ja5zdq8 wrote

Cute, but terrifying. Boston turkeys always want to fight, even when you’re minding your own business.


Hiscuteblondewife t1_ja79ngl wrote

I’ve encountered them before walking to a bakery and all they did was confuse me and another passerby. They never bother me.


WatermelonNurse t1_jabkd0f wrote

They waited surrounding my car and wouldn’t move for awhile. Another chased me across the street and only stopped until I dropped my food.


JoeCylon t1_ja46696 wrote

The Turkey Liberation Front showing off their Mountain Warfare unit


NothingColdCanStay t1_ja4lvwu wrote

These right here are terrace turkeys. They terrorize and harass across the Commonwealth. You may think the Canadian geese are a blight and nuisance along the rivers and fresh water bodies until you have an erect turkey tom following your shadow at an ever quickening pace.


imjusta_bill t1_ja4e339 wrote

If you're cold, they're cold. Bring them in


thisisthingtwo t1_ja4utgr wrote

Cummings Road. Saw turkeys there cause traffic jams because they refused to move out of people's drive ways.


JackFTL t1_jablkqs wrote

Same — I would also see them fly down to the forest on the other side of the street, was always crazy to see.


dathorese t1_ja5ig6j wrote

Saw a whole bunchof them today at the corner of Comm Ave and Chiswick. (I was delivering a package to 1810 Comm Ave). These were the ones that crossed Comm Ave.. There were still like another 10-12 on the other side of Comm Ave...


chrisipedia t1_ja7f7b1 wrote

Lived there 20 years ago. Wow time flies!


fakeuser888 t1_ja3oahn wrote

I still don't get why this sub has this disturbing fetish with turkeys. Have people never seen wild turkeys before?


lostlittledoggy t1_ja40u01 wrote

I have seen many but I never saw them waltzing along packed city sidewalks, waiting at stoplights and riding on top of mail trucks until I moved to Boston. They're very integrated into civil society here. In fact, my last uber driver was a wild turkey.


lintymcfresh t1_ja3q4n7 wrote

probably because wild turkeys don’t envelope many major metropolitan areas