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GM_Pax t1_ja3kyo3 wrote

Fun fact: turkeys DO fly. They roost in trees overnight. :)


3720-To-One OP t1_ja3shgy wrote

Indeed. I’ve seen it before.

They look like a flying bowling ball


lostlittledoggy t1_ja40i39 wrote

And they act like it too. Clumsily crashing through branches, etc.


GM_Pax t1_ja45j9h wrote

Some birds fly gracefully, like ballerinas dancing on the air.


Then there are turkeys.



WatermelonNurse t1_ja5zdq8 wrote

Cute, but terrifying. Boston turkeys always want to fight, even when you’re minding your own business.


Hiscuteblondewife t1_ja79ngl wrote

I’ve encountered them before walking to a bakery and all they did was confuse me and another passerby. They never bother me.


WatermelonNurse t1_jabkd0f wrote

They waited surrounding my car and wouldn’t move for awhile. Another chased me across the street and only stopped until I dropped my food.