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Laldog1958 t1_j70gkim wrote

30 year teacher of the Deaf here. The number 1 option is a residential placement at the Learning Center in Framingham. While sending your child to a school away from home may seem callous or even cruel, it is the accepted and favored option for most members of the Deaf community

. Residential schools are staffed by Deaf people and have historically been the place where Deaf children become fluent in American Sign Language, familiar with Deaf culture and develop strong and lifelong friendships with other Deaf kids who share the same challenges but more importantly, the same language (ASL) as their own

TLC is a private school, and one of the few in Mass. Most other states in the country have a residential school for their Deaf kids, but MA. does not have this option.

Its true that some cities and towns have higher quality schools than others, but in the case of your Deaf child, its been my experience that they will have a more complete and fulfilling education at a residential school staffed and equipped for Deaf children.

Placement in a traditional education setting (esp since he/she is profoundly Deaf) will only prove to be extremely isolating and difficult for your child.

Please, please, please.....start sign language classes now. All of you. It may be the single most important thing you can do

Good luck. I really wish you the best!!


hound29 OP t1_j72nf1v wrote

thank you so much for your wonderful response.

First things first - we are all fully committed to learning ASL - brother and sister too!

You have gave us lots to review, consider and think about. Many thanks!!