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JasperDyne t1_j9m4nk9 wrote

Just because you can do a thing in Photoshop doesn’t mean that you should.

It’s not done very well, either.


campingn00b t1_j9mmwkp wrote

I think this is the thing that bothers me most. It's a bad photoshop but not like clearly intentionally bad. The substance of the ad doesn't even call attention to the image. There's no reason for it other than to make this old guy feel like he's attractive. It really creeps me out


fadetoblack237 t1_j9oio91 wrote

You can get a good photoshop done for dirt cheap these days too.


LivingMemento t1_j9mnx9i wrote

Pretty sure bad photoshop is on purpose. Gives commuters something to talk about…and they are talking about Morgan & Morgan. For The People.


SockGnome t1_j9m5hw6 wrote

What a gross fucking family. I also hate the law that plaintiff attorneys got repealed that lets them advertise like this. Terrible all around

Fucking a “for the people” as they take 40% of your settlement and throw another 30% to the Dr Nick doctors they convinced you to go to. Yeah, neat grift. Fuckers.


batmansmotorcycle t1_j9oju5x wrote

What law did they get appealed? Should lawyers not enjoy the freedoms of the First Amendment like you?


SockGnome t1_j9olkv6 wrote

I believe that was their argument, it was once illegal for lawyers to advertise like they do now. The current issue is misleading information as seen in this story:

I also just find it incredibly distasteful and if I ever need a lawyer, I’m personally refusing to do business with anyone who has a giant advertising war-chest and appears on billboards. Plastering how much money they claim to get on a billboard is gross and there is always more legal analysis to the story which can’t be explained on a billboard as people drive past going 70MPH. It’s pithy, too simplistic and makes torts appear to be a lottery. It boils our culture down to one thing, the dollar. That it.


batmansmotorcycle t1_j9oyrbn wrote

Yes, that was their argument. In full disclosure, I am an attorney so I have a bias in this. I am not an ambulance chaser like Morgan and Morgan. I think that there is a fine line in advertising where you want people to have access to the justice system and you have to get the word out to do that then you have this crap which is just sad. In all likelihood, M&M never touches the case and just acts as a referral service and gets a fee. This is what Jim Sokolove did back in the day, remember those commercials?


SockGnome t1_j9oz66s wrote

Attorneys can certainly advertise tastefully but these giant mills seem to just try and smother out everyone else. I grew up watching those commercials! When my friend was in law school he told me about their racket, take the case and vend it out to another firm to do the work, take a cut as a finders fee. I have a hunch he rarely took cases unless there was serious meat on the bone.


batmansmotorcycle t1_j9pc78e wrote

That is 100% what they do, in fact Jim had a disclaimer at one point on his commercials that stated just as much.


CoolAbdul t1_j9qb3c5 wrote

Have you seen Jim Sokolove's yacht? Being a white trash ambulance chaser pays big.


MyRespectableAlt t1_j9m9rh7 wrote

You're talking about it.

Can't ever reward annoying advertising by talking about it. Just ignore it. It's the only way we're going to beat their game.


fruit_cats t1_j9mqo86 wrote

Seriously, this person took the time to:

  • notice this billboard

  • take a photo of the billboard

  • share it on social media

The law firm can’t ask for more than that from their ad.


Blorfs t1_j9mo48g wrote

Great proofreading: "$15 billion dollars" is "15 billion dollars dollars."


rareeagle t1_j9o8gbo wrote

You can pick up your settlement at the ATM machine.


albnon t1_j9ms1ow wrote

Yup! That looks like an expensive mistake.


RayeoTNJ t1_j9pwolg wrote

Should we be shocked? same guy who fired half his marketing team because they laughed at the Size Matters billboard


METAclaw52 t1_j9nrmx7 wrote

Massachusetts needs a ban on billboards like Maine and Vermont


MonthSolid t1_j9mfscl wrote

I hate their slogan: “There can only be one Morgan & Morgan”

dude there’s 2


alohadave t1_j9mn2tv wrote

I know you're taking the piss, but "Morgan & Morgan" is a single entity. That's how law firms are named.


alohadave t1_j9mmvge wrote

Morgan & Morgan appreciates you spreading their message beyond the drivers on 93.


code8 t1_j9mc6t5 wrote

I’ll take this over the Jesus billboards.


-doughboy t1_j9mxaze wrote

Right down the highway on the other side there is some pro cop billboard


Fr_JackHackett t1_j9me17m wrote

All of their advertising is a miss, they had another awful photoshopped billboard by bc high and the old globe for a long time of the guy on a Red Sox players body


jojenns t1_j9n5pe1 wrote

You remember all their ads…hmmm interesting


that_was_funny_lol t1_j9ndj8q wrote

I’m glad I do…reminds me who not to call for a lawyer. They’re a joke.


loranlily t1_j9oif7z wrote

I remember this one bc they have a billboard visible from my apartment that had the same image on.


Nobel6skull t1_j9o1biz wrote

Just another reason to ban billboards.


nealien79 t1_j9o72k3 wrote

I keep seeing a commercial on TV for these lawyers where that overweight lawyer is standing next to all these MMA fighters who are training, and he’s talking about how tough of a lawyer he is.

I really wish lawyers weren’t allowed to advertise like this, it feels like they are just praying on people who need cash quick to try suing people and businesses for the smallest reasons. Plus these types of ads/billboards just look like shit.


occupybourbonst t1_j9oa3ry wrote

Why? So people post it on social media and give them attention.

Shock tactics work in viral advertising and it's why you see it so often.


RailRoad_Candy t1_j9mxy1j wrote

"Baron Morgan Von Lemonparty Esquire at your service..."


bluesteel t1_j9oheko wrote

Paging libsoftiktok, groomer alert


Salt_Principle_6672 t1_j9p9m15 wrote

Oh, i love these. They're making fun of themselves. I always laugh


lqdizzle t1_j9pbu3q wrote

They know who their audience is. Slipping, falling and retiring from a Tort windfall was the lotto fantasy of many many boomers


CoolAbdul t1_j9qbnvh wrote

I walked into a Price Rite two days ago and there was a big puddle of water on the floor and I pondered for a moment just how much I hate my job...


robthad t1_j9pppb3 wrote

Anyone else finish?


KXL8 t1_j9o6lcs wrote

For the people


austinmartinyes t1_j9oe6qs wrote

These have been plastered all over the T for months. Blegh.


gibson486 t1_j9oo8wo wrote

Reminds me of the bank ad billboard on Washington St in Somerville. Looked like the guy was looking through a window and enjoying himself.


ThreeRRRs t1_j9p2k1l wrote

There can be only one most disturbing billboard.


ihatepostingonblogs t1_j9pjfr6 wrote

All of their commercials drive me bat shit crazy. Ugh and the drawl when he says M o r g a n & M o r g a n. All they do is sub out their cases to Boston Attorneys and get a cut. 🤮


Id_Solomon t1_j9q4ikr wrote

Hitting the gym hard?

#You wish, pal!


idejmcd t1_j9q6skm wrote

there's no such thing as a good billboard, but this one may be the worst.


CoolAbdul t1_j9qa5d4 wrote

Hey at least it's not Jim Sokolove.


CoolAbdul t1_j9qad42 wrote

Is there any such thing as a good photoshop at billboard scale?


Commercial_Board6680 t1_j9qefzf wrote

Reputable law firms don't need to advertise in such a crude manner.


tbb2796 t1_j9qk7jv wrote

Size matters


Mynereth t1_j9qm001 wrote

Yeah that's a huge no!


yourm0m1 t1_j9ml0zg wrote

John Morgan wishes he looked like that, someone should sue for false advertisement.


arch_llama t1_j9mxxxq wrote

Because people like you take pictures like this and post them on the internet to advertise for them for free.


eaglessoar t1_j9oakqe wrote

Morgan is such a Chad and I love this billboard


Quincyperson t1_j9p9ggs wrote

I heard their last case was for a car accident caused by a guy taking pictures when he should have been focusing on driving


The24HourPlan t1_j9mq00z wrote

Photoshopped on to a gay man's body?


equalrights2020 t1_j9m4net wrote

It’s a free country and Morgan has recovered millions and made millions. What’s not to celebrate?

A successful white male on a billboard.

Got it.