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technicolourful t1_ja489h9 wrote

People who are still wearing fabric masks: why?


OldSweatyBulbasar t1_ja5nk62 wrote

Allergies. I’m so ridiculously allergic to most fragrances. Using a triple layer mulberry silk mask with a PM 2.5 filter insert. Sometimes just the silk is enough to keep fragrances out of my nose when outdoors which is great. I keep one in every bag/coat just in case those people with the dryer sheets and a bath of perfume on walks in front of me. And I never caught covid while wearing one, though it did come for me from a family member.


CaptainOverthinker t1_ja7u8lo wrote

That’s so fair. Last spring I wore an N95 while walking to work most days just to block out the pollen and it makes a noticeable difference


anthonyngu2 t1_ja65sl3 wrote

Curious, but did you have to wear them before Covid? Or did you develop the allergy in the past couple years?


saucisse t1_ja796cv wrote

Some of us noticed that we were less affected by allergies and got sick far less frequently once we started wearing them.


bb5199 t1_ja5v43u wrote

Why anyone wore them and thought they were being protected is beyond me.


PikantnySos t1_ja5knp1 wrote

People still watch Jimmy Kimmel too. Lemmings


HoneydewOk1731 t1_ja4mbnd wrote

People who are still wearing masks: why?


charons-voyage t1_ja4n5f6 wrote

Eh to each their own. Not hurting anyone by wearing a mask. I wear one on the T. Helps keep smells out.


HoneydewOk1731 t1_ja4ssjy wrote

I understand wearing one if you feel sick, but I think everyone just looking like faceless ghouls is a cost that needs to be weighed. The face is an important part of human connection and I dislike not being able to see another person’s. It makes me less likely to want to interact with them. A fully masked society loses something


fuzzypickles34 t1_ja4znv2 wrote

Do you really care that much about seeing people’s faces on the T?


HoneydewOk1731 t1_ja555tj wrote

I think being unable to see other people’s faces is another social fragmentation. If you go back a few decades, complete strangers on public transit would gladly converse with one another during their commutes. I don’t think that’s something we should be glad about losing. But that’s just me. Phones and masks seem like the main culprits.

And yeah if I’m going to be surrounded by a bunch of randoms in a confined space… being able to see their faces gives me a better sense of physical security. You can usually read a person before they do something stupid or dangerous


krissithegirl t1_ja5vifv wrote

Newspapers, magazines, walk-mans, head-phones, earbuds, cell phones, laptops, iPad...... All items that have been used throughout history on public transportation to avoid having to speak to or listen to strangers. A mask is only a distraction for the person that has to look at it.


sweetdeepremiumonion t1_ja51rtn wrote

What makes you think a random masked person who’s going about their business wants to interact with you anyway? The anti-mask arguments are getting so shallow.


HoneydewOk1731 t1_ja53xvb wrote

Once upon a time strangers used to smile at one another, or at least some form of acknowledgement that made you feel a shared sense of humanity if nothing else. We live in a city after all. If I can’t see your face, my brain is going to imagine one. And the only masked face I can ever imagine is that of a fearful person. The only shallow thinker here is you, if you cannot even conceive of the possibility that making such a drastic change to human appearance has subtle consequences.


sweetdeepremiumonion t1_ja54ev2 wrote

You can still tell when someone is smiling if they have a mask on. You can also nod at someone, or wave. The pandemic, the reason people still wear masks, has absolutely had devastating consequences for humanity and how we perceive each other. This is such small beans in the grand scheme of things. I find other ways to connect with my community, besides being able to see the lower half of their faces.


fadetoblack237 t1_ja5flos wrote

OP is arguing in bad faith anyways. 90% of people aren't wearing masks when they are out. Just walk around Boston on a Saturday afternoon. There are plenty of people out smiling at each other. At this point if I see someone in a mask, I'm going to assume they have a reason to wear one. I still wear one when it makes sense. Two weeks before my wedding I had one on everywhere so I wouldn't get sick. Immunocompromised exist. Older people exist.

At this point I'm glad voluntary masking has become acceptable because before 2019, it definitely wasn't.


sweetdeepremiumonion t1_ja5kwaf wrote

All very true!

Yeah, I work a public facing job and take a lot of public transport and was getting sick a LOT prior to 2020. Since I started wearing masks, I really haven’t been sick since. My body thanks me for it!


neondeli t1_ja5vvb7 wrote

>Once upon a time strangers used to smile at one another,

Not here.


charons-voyage t1_ja4x4jf wrote

Well you can’t control what others choose to do 🤷‍♂️


Accomplished_Ad_9288 t1_ja5mmf2 wrote

We don’t have to interact, that’s fine. Masks are proven to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, including COVID.

A lot of people have long COVID and it’s effecting their quality of life. I’d like to avoid that, and wearing a mask if pretty easy.

There are certain place that are crowded are quite narrow that I prefer to wear one. Safety first!!


SideBarParty t1_ja55bwb wrote

Ever heard of Dana Farber?

Lotta folks there can't get sick with a common cold, y'know.


Rindan t1_ja8824n wrote

You'll be shocked to learn that not everyone is healthy.

I wear one because I'm going through chemo therapy, have no immune system, and getting sick could kill me. My loved ones wear masks so that they can safely be with me and not have to worry about killing me. I go to a building full of people in my situation every week.


joshhw t1_ja583m8 wrote

At this point if you’re wearing a mask to contain or prevent Covid. Respirator masks (IE N/KN95s) are the only way to go. Cloth isn’t doing much.

If you just like wearing cloth masks then carry on and look on Etsy


bmoneybloodbath t1_ja7un4a wrote

Just went to Germany where they don't even recognize non-rated masks


Accomplished_Ad_9288 t1_ja5m905 wrote

There are Etsy cloth masks that have a pocket to put in a paper towel and make it 3 layers. If you’re going to get a cloth mask make sure it has 3 layers.


joshhw t1_ja7q1jt wrote

I would just get a N95 and stop messing around.


Accomplished_Ad_9288 t1_ja7xmgy wrote

Agreed, I also wear an N95, but if you want to wear a cloth mask, there is a safe option.


joshhw t1_ja80e67 wrote

I haen't seen anything to say these cloth + filters is equivalent to N95s


Accomplished_Ad_9288 t1_ja86rjh wrote

I agree, N95 is the best. I was commenting that for OP. If you really want a cloth mask then do it as safely as possible.


WestRiverTraveler t1_ja5l2tx wrote

Cloth does almost nothing to prevent you from spreading and gives you no protection. If you feel you need one because you are super high risk, you need an n95.


BossCrabMeat t1_ja60j9z wrote

Staples still carries the 10 pack cloth masks they have a pocket in them that you can slip a N95 filter too.


youarelookingatthis t1_ja80b8e wrote

Most convenience stores like Walgreens/CVS tend to carry small packs of cloth masks. However if you are wearing them to prevent getting/spreading Covid, I would recommend upgrading to a KN95/N95, as they are statistically better at protecting people.


kbrosnan t1_ja3r8ns wrote

Uniqlo, check online.


bb5199 t1_ja5v93n wrote

Have you hear of the Cochrane study? It confirms what we have known all along: the masks had no science behind them.


hemingwai t1_ja5d6li wrote

Just stop. You need a little germs in your life.


Foxyfox- t1_ja5mljz wrote

There are still immune compromised people out there who need masks.


That said they need proper N95 masks and not crappy cloth ones.


Ok-Koala-9380 t1_ja5yai5 wrote

I’m with you I’m buying as many as I can. My neighbors had Covid last week(their trumpers so I’m happy and praying they get seriously sick) i haven’t let my kids outside in 2 weeks and think it’s time we need another lockdown.


Ok-Koala-9380 t1_ja63vqw wrote

Wow really surprised I’m being downvoted. Really thought a lot more educated and liberal minded folks were in this sub.


chewified t1_ja68dah wrote

Might be liberal that doesn't mean I'm actively wishing for people with different opinions than me to fall deathly ill. Maybe check your compass


Ok-Koala-9380 t1_ja6aijt wrote

You are most definitely not a liberal. Jan 6 happened, you being idle bye and not fighting the good fight makes you a fascist and a domestic terrorist.


ijustlikebeingnosy t1_ja7ml2b wrote

No, you’re wrong. Liberals aren’t wishing death on anyone. Makes me believe you’re just a troll.


AeuiGame t1_ja7sext wrote

Dude its so obviously some edgy right wing teen roleplaying their idea of an evil librul.


Ok-Koala-9380 t1_ja7trhy wrote

🥾 👅


AeuiGame t1_ja7ucw4 wrote

Its more convincing if you appear to be literate.


Ok-Koala-9380 t1_ja7umma wrote

My favorite part was nobody said anything about me not letting my kids outside for 2 weeks. And don’t name call sir