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jabbuhwocky t1_j9p3j3i wrote

that’s nuts


Reasonable_Move9518 t1_j9q4l81 wrote

10/10 non-Storrowing.

Unconventional. Unusual location, no height marker or staties, but cops and construction dudes on the scene talking about something probably unrelated to the truck accident. No axial twist or elevation, can opener is partial, but quite extensive, involving twisted metal in all three dimensions. Is this the BACK of the truck that got crunched? Speaking of crunched, uncommon and highly entertaining load (peanut butter... hopefully not Teddie).

Overall highly unconventional, but in every aspect leading to deeper mysteries than the run-of-the-mill moving truck GPS snafu we see so commonly here.


BradMarchandsNose t1_j9qg5b1 wrote

I have a guess on the story. The truck was driving under the bridge and taking a turn. The center of the bridge is higher than the sides, so it was able to make it underneath, but once is started turning the back of the trailer caught the lower part of the bridge and this is the result.


b0xturtl3 t1_j9qqbsd wrote

Exactly, tons of construction happening right there.


TawdryHepburnnn t1_j9r5gig wrote

Bonus points for the bystander holding her screen door open, just looking at the crunch(es) and watching people on the scene also standing around.


wishforagreatmistake t1_j9rc4pn wrote

It very well may be, as the Teddie production facility is in close proximity to the site of this particular Storrowing.


RatherBeSkiing t1_j9qgy9t wrote

Only a still photo? Couldn't upload a JIF?


winter-14 t1_j9p79u3 wrote

Gonna take a lot of bread to fix dat.


Mumbles76 t1_j9pv11y wrote

The only way to solve this is to pour a proportional amount of chocolate on top and eat this problem away...


valochelb t1_j9q247x wrote

Don’t let my dog know


FinderOfPaths12 t1_j9pqua2 wrote

They were expecting a smooth drive, but then...crunch.


TekJansen69 t1_j9q0bxw wrote

They'll have him unstuck in a Jiffy.


michael_scarn_21 t1_j9pafks wrote

Might not need to stir this particular batch.


BirdieKate58 t1_j9prd1y wrote

The peanut butter bus is here.


capta2k t1_j9roaaj wrote

Going to need a lot of milk to get through that much peanut butter. Send in a Hood truck.


el_bobbo t1_j9q6tpf wrote

+1 internets to you OP for the title.